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Membership in OCLC brings many benefits to a library and its users, including global access to information, high quality research, participation in governance, and the value of shared resources. In order to share in these benefits, criteria have been created to qualify an institution's membership status. OCLC's Membership Criteria is reviewed by the Board Membership Committee on an annual basis. At least one of the qualifying activities related to an OCLC service must be met by an institution on an annual basis.

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One of the most unique and important benefits of OCLC membership is electing member representatives to your Regional Council. Delegates elected from these councils (Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa) reflect your interests through the OCLC Global Council, which works on behalf of members worldwide. Elections take place each year, and each member institution with qualifying activity as of 30 December receives one vote.

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OCLC Canada Advisory Council

The OCLC Canada Advisory Council provides OCLC with advice on how to facilitate cooperation and collaboration within and outside Canada. This advice is communicated directly to OCLC through OCLC Americas Regional Council Members and OCLC Canada employees that attend the Council meetings, and through the OCLC Canada delegates to OCLC Global Council.

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