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OCLC offers RSS feeds featuring news, events, product updates, research, with more topics on the way. You can get the latest headlines delivered to your news reader to make staying informed easier.

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OCLC offers news and information customized by news type, service areas and more.

OCLC News and Events

Name Feed Description
OCLC Next Blog RSS Next provides insight and information about the work being done by and for libraries all over the world.
OCLC News RSS The latest OCLC news headlines. 
OCLC Developer Network News RSS Latest Applications based on OCLC Web Services. 

OCLC Products and Services

Name Feed Description
OCLC Products and Services RSS The latest updates to all OCLC products and services 
Metadata services RSS News and updates on OCLC Metadata services 
025.431: The Dewey blog feed The Dewey blog offers news and views on classification issues, interesting and unusual DDC resources, and a means to provide ongoing feedback to help shape the DDC's future.
EZproxy database configurations RSS Recent additions and changes to database specific configuration instructions
Management services RSS News and updates on OCLC Management services
Discovery services RSS News and updates on OCLC Discovery and reference services 
Resource sharing services
RSS News and updates on OCLC Resource Sharing services 
WorldCat RSS News and updates on OCLC WorldCat 

OCLC Support (English)

Name Feed Description
Closed Dates in Authority Records RSS Lists of authority headings that have been changed to add a death date.
EZproxy database configurations RSS RSS Recent additions and changes to database specific configuration instructions

OCLC Research (English)

Name Feed Description
OCLC Research RSS OCLC Research News and Announcements
Hanging Together Blog RSS Hanging Together is the blog of OCLC Research, where contributors share insights from in-progress and recently completed research initiatives on archives, libraries, and museums.  

RSS resources

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for distributing information from websites to desktop and mobile devices. A newsreader application accesses the RSS feeds you choose to bring your favorite information sources to you. Numerous newsreaders are available, including freeware, shareware and browser-based options.

How do I add a feed?

If you already have an RSS reader set up, choose a feed by right-clicking on the "XML" icon, and select "Copy Shortcut" (Internet Explorer) or "Copy Link Location" (Firefox), then paste the feed location into the RSS address/URL field of your reader. An alternate method is to click and drag the XML icon, and drop it into the RSS address/URL field. You may also need to click a "subscribe" link to finish the subscription process.

If you experience any problems reading any of our feeds, please let us know!