WebJunction builds the knowledge, skills, and confidence of library staff to power strong libraries that are the heart of vibrant communities. A program of OCLC Research, WebJunction is free and welcome to all libraries to use, regardless of size, type or location.

WebJunction holds live webinars each month featuring experts in the library field, and provides hundreds of articles, resources, and self-paced courses on a wide variety of library-specific topics.

WebJunction gives time and space for library staff to listen to and learn from peers from across the U.S. and beyond. The training offers pragmatic ideas and examples that can be replicated, modified, and customized for individual libraries and communities.

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Our self-paced and web-based training resources are free for everyone and provide flexible paths to continuous professional development.

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Library staff must be competent in a broad range of knowledge and skills in order to run an effective library. This ever-growing collection of resources covers the spectrum of the most critical topics for those working in the library profession today. These resources were freely contributed by WebJunction members, libraries and library organizations, and other experts in the field. Webinar recording, articles, documents, handouts, links to additional resources, plus the latest news are all gathered here, by topic.

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