academic libraries

In a rapidly changing educational environment, academic libraries need more time and staff resources to meet the needs of faculty and students. They are also looking for tools that shine a light on their vital contributions toward the success of their academic institutions. OCLC services help simplify library workflows, giving staff the tools and time to invest in relationships across campus, to evolve local collections and to create new programs.

Students collaborating in the Tulsa Community College library

Support changing roles with reduced workloads

When Tulsa Community College migrated to a cloud-based library management system, staff members found that they were able eliminate many routine tasks and perform new roles due to their more efficient workflows. Now, they finish their regular work more quickly and can take on new projects.

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Keith explaining the Saint John's Bible facsimile on loan to Saint Anslem College

Demonstrate the value of your special collections

Saint Anselm College maintains special collections of thousands of items, but the staff didn’t have a good sense of how valuable the collections were. By analyzing data about the special collections, the library revealed some truly rare items and identified areas of focus for collection development.

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Image of the La Trobe University Library

Partner across campus to raise your institution’s research profile

La Trobe University struggled to accurately report its researchers’ activities for internal tracking and external requirements. With leadership from the university library, La Trobe implemented a research information management strategy to simplify publications metadata collection, verification, and reporting.

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Students in the MakerspaceMHC at Medicine Hat College

Help users find all the resources your library offers

Medicine Hat College’s library provides access to many video collections. To help students and faculty find and access these databases, the library staff makes sure that they appear in the discovery layer with as much accurate and up-to-date metadata as possible.

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Student and librarian at ADA University Library's circulation desk

Share solutions through global collaboration

ADA University Library is the first in Azerbaijan to add its collections to WorldCat. By joining the world’s most comprehensive database of information about library collections, the library offers the world its own resources and offers its students and faculty members resources from around the world. WorldCat also helps the library cooperate with others to address challenges.

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Student at Goucher College using the library's WorldCat Discovery service

Help students specialize their studies

Goucher College library supports students all over the world through a required study-abroad program. When the students return to campus, they often seek out the library for more information about the places they visited. These students’ specialized information needs often require access to content beyond what this small library can support. With increased availability of e-resources through previously unavailable databases, they are now able to connect students to this specialized information.

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