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"Two years ago, we lent 351 items. But after implementing Tipasa, we lent 945 last year. Almost three times the amount. We never would have turned them around so quickly in our previous interlibrary loan system."

Thomas Hodge
Associate University Librarian for Technology and Technical Services, American University of Sharjah

Library staff at American University of Sharjah found their former interlibrary loan (ILL) interface cumbersome to learn, especially for newer staff members. Although the university has only been in existence for a little over twenty years, it is already one of the most advanced institutions in the region. The university and library staff knew they needed to move as many of their systems to the cloud as possible to keep up with evolving needs. 

“There was a big push from our IT department to migrate many of the university’s systems to the cloud. Having used WorldShare® Management Services (WMS) for some time, Tipasa® seemed the obvious option,” said Thomas Hodge, Associate University Librarian for Technology and Technical Services.

Because Tipasa integrates seamlessly with WMS, it was easier for staff to learn new workflows in the familiar interface, and their processes became much simpler. “I’m now able to check things in the system, such as license restrictions on licensed electronic resources, all in one place. This is a big plus for me,” said Thomas.  

John Liebhardt, Acquisitions and Resource Management Librarian, shared his pleasure with no longer having to separately load library user data into the ILL system. “As Tipasa and WMS are integrated, it means that we only have to do the patron load in WMS. The workflow for Tipasa is already there, saving us time.”

"Tipasa is really quick. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for electronic resources, documents, or physical books. It’s very fast and straightforward."

Zeinab Habib, Library Assistant, American University of Sharjah

“Tipasa request forms are good at bringing all the account information in, which is really helpful for the patrons,” added John. Library Assistant Zeinab Habib noticed that users easily made requests through Tipasa. “I’ve found that our patrons use Tipasa easier than our old system. Previously, they would frequently send me an email, which I would then have to input into the system. Whilst now, I see our patrons go in, and it is much easier for them to place the request themselves.” 

In addition, library staff can now process requests from institutions that use different ILL systems much more quickly. “We have relationships with libraries that maybe don’t use the same sort of ILL systems as us, and we needed to be able to create accounts within the system for these institutions,” explained John. “In Tipasa, we are able to do this, and it has made tracking resources much easier.” 

Tipasa has made dealing with requests a lot easier and faster for the staff and users at American University of Sharjah. “Two years ago, we lent 351 items. But after implementing Tipasa, we lent 945 last year. Almost three times the amount. We never would have turned them around so quickly in our previous interlibrary loan system,” concluded Thomas.

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  • Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Library at a glance

  • Opened in 2006 to support the university, which was founded in 1997 by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Sharjah
  • Supports an American structure incorporating liberal arts education and professional education studies
  • Situated on the center of the campus with 8,750 square meters of usable space housing many different collections, including special collections, a music collection, and a media collection

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