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"The things I find most successful about the new system are definitely the cloud, the cloud-based access, and the seamlessness. The flow from task to task is a lot more intuitive."

Jillian Maruskin, Public Services Librarian and Interlibrary Loan Manager

For many years, the library at Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) relied on ILLiad® to meet the needs of its users and other libraries. "Because I've been working with ILLiad for so long, I don't think about all the steps that I have to do to get things done," said Jillian Maruskin, Public Services Librarian and Interlibrary Loan Manager. "But when I explain it to my students, they're like, 'Why are we doing it this way?' It's not intuitive."

Although there was a lot Jillian liked about ILLiad—including the detailed tracking and history attached to each request and the ability to customize information for reporting—she acknowledged that the library was ready for a change. So she jumped at the opportunity to become an early adopter of Tipasa®.

“With the new ILL system, it all just flows. It's all in one window. It's all connected. I really appreciate that. Especially as someone who's beginning training and entering the field for the first time, it's just very intuitive. I know where to go for the next thing.”
--Sarah Lucas, User Experience Specialist

"The new service is going well," Jillian said. "I like that the requests can be dealt with all on one page, all on one space." Especially, she said, "Lending is really seamless." In addition, "I'm able to customize all my email templates really easily."

Sarah Lucas, a recent graduate of OWU and now the library’s User Experience Specialist, appreciates the benefits of Tipasa as a cloud-based system. "It's really nice to be able to access it anywhere, even if I'm working in my office or on the main desk. I really appreciate being able to do anything everywhere." Jillian agreed, "I do a lot of different jobs in the library, so to be able to have the flexibility … is something that I've been waiting for."

Jillian and Sarah worked together with OCLC and their library cohort during the transition to Tipasa. "I worked really closely with Jillian from the get-go, and it was very beneficial because we learned together," Sarah said. "Every time Jillian and I posted a question [on the OCLC] Community Center, they always responded very quickly." Jillian added, "It's good to see some of the … concerns that other schools have that might be similar to my own. It makes you feel just part of something as you transition. …Having the support of OCLC staff through the tutorials and office hours was really important."

Jillian also appreciates that Tipasa has simplified the ILL process, which has made it easier to train student assistants. "I'm lucky because I have probably the best student workers anywhere. They're really, really dedicated and devoted," she said. "They're doing quite well with [Tipasa]." As a new library staff member, Sarah agrees. "Working with the new ILL system, everything's gone seamlessly. I feel really comfortable with it, and I really enjoy working with it."

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Library at a glance

  • Supports a small liberal arts college of about 2,000 students, including many international students
  • Collection includes the Archives of Ohio United Methodism, a Spanish Civil War Collection, Walt Whitman's correspondence and first editions, U.S. Civil War letters, and books and art from Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's personal collection
  • Librarians collaborate with faculty to develop digital collections as part of the Five Colleges of Ohio Mellon Foundation grants

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