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Promoting FirstSearch

Expand awareness of FirstSearch in your library with material such as customizable posters, bookmarks, and table tents, as well as electronic logos and icons.

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Next steps for FirstSearch

Learn more about our plans for FirstSearch and WorldCat Discovery with responses to frequently asked questions.

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Databases available through FirstSearch

FirstSearch provides access to databases that help to expand your library’s collection.

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Genealogical research aids

FirstSearch serves as an excellent way to delve into WorldCat® for genealogical history. There’s no deeper catalog than WorldCat to find historic newspapers, church histories, wills, manuscripts, maps, and other important documents in libraries.

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FirstSearch is the most powerful interface for searching WorldCat. Researchers and library staff can find and select resources in thousands of library collections with rich information from WorldCat records. FirstSearch libraries are also more visible on the popular websites where people often begin their research.

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