Build, showcase and preserve your digital collections

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Store, manage and deliver your digital collections

CONTENTdm allows you to easily build and showcase your digital collections on your personalized website, making them more discoverable to people around the world. CONTENTdm also secures and monitors your master files in a cloud-based preservation archive so they remain safe for the future.

Customize your digital collections website

With integrated tools, you can quickly create a branded look and feel for your library's digital collections website. CONTENTdm makes it easy to customize your site, whether or not you have programming skills.

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Watch Bo Kinney, Special Collections Librarian at The Seattle Public Library, talk about their use of CONTENTdm to share their collections on the Web.

Maximize the visibility of your unique resources via WorldCat

The WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway is a free, self-service tool that's integrated with CONTENTdm. Upload your collection metadata to WorldCat—the premier database of library materials. From there, students and scholars can find their way to your local digital collections from WorldCat.org, WorldCat Discovery Services and many OCLC partner services.

Store any type of file

CONTENTdm can handle document, image, video and audio files of any kind. With CONTENTdm, you have full control over your digital resources and their descriptions, access and display. You can fully customize metadata fields and maximize end-user discovery of your materials.

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Ensure secure, managed storage and monitoring for your master files and digital originals

CONTENTdm includes a preservation archive so you can be sure your library's master files and digital originals are securely stored in a purpose-built environment. Our systems regularly inspect your files to ensure that what you sent us is what you'll get back in the future. On the day your content arrives, our systems perform quality checks and record the results in a "health record" for each file. Our automated systems revisit these quality checks periodically so you receive up to date reports on the health of your collection.

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Member stories

"The fact that we were able to work with CONTENTdm in a way that allowed us to cache and support these touchscreens says a lot about CONTENTdm and OCLC's technical support staff. It was a great partnership."

David Sullivan
Chief Information Officer, City of Norfolk


Make history relevant in a visual culture

Discover how the Indiana Historical Society organizes online images in a way that allows people around the world to easily browse and learn about Indiana's history.


Involve your community in local history

Find out how the Douglas County History Research Center expanded their collection through cooperation with local organizations.

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