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Norman O. Dawn Collection

Norman O. Dawn

Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Norman O. Dawn (1884–1975) was a relatively obscure yet historically significant early special effects cinematographer, inventor, artist, and motion picture director, writer, and producer. The Dawn collection features 164 display cards that illustrate more than 230 of the 861 special effects Dawn created in more than 80 movies. The collection also includes a small amount of manuscript material, including correspondence, drawings, and reminiscences.

Indianapolis Public Schools Collection

Indianapolis Public Schools

Indianapolis Public Library

Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) has been an important public institution throughout the history of Indianapolis and central Indiana. Since its incorporation in 1853, IPS has shaped—and been shaped by—the residents and communities that turned Indianapolis from a small settlement at the mouth of the White River to the vibrant urban center that it is today. Within this collection are materials that detail those early years including 1880s Registers of Children and 100-year anniversary histories of individual schools. Photographs of schools and the students they served give a glimpse into the early years of IPS.

Student Lives at Rollins College

Student Lives at Rollins

Rollins College 

Ever since the development of Holt's Conference Plan in the early 20th century, the educational experiences of individual students have been the focus of Rollins experiment. The liberal arts tradition of the college runs deeper than its organizations, publications, and buildings. The tradition lives through the students in their spirit, which embodies what Rollins is today. This collection provides a visual documentation of the student lives at Rollins from a historical perspective: curriculum, rules and regulations; student groups; diversity and multiculturalism; community services; internationalization; student theatrical plays; physical education programs; and more.

Reducing Wildlife Collisions with Aircraft Collection

Reducing Wildlife Collisions with Aircraft

National Wildlife Research Center, United States Department of Agriculture

Aircraft collisions with wildlife (wildlife strikes) are a major safety concern for civil and military aviation. Such collisions have occurred since the advent of air travel, but they have become increasingly frequent in recent decades due to increased air traffic and population growth among species most commonly involved in wildlife strikes. The National Wildlife Research Center conducts research to provide a scientific foundation for Wildlife Services, Department of Defense, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) programs that reduce wildlife collisions with aircraft.

Hilda Holme Book Illustration Collection

Hilda Holme Book Illustration

Enoch Pratt Free Library

This selection of items demonstrates the chronological development of book illustration from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries. It includes prints made with woodcuts, wood engraving, line and stipple engraving on metal plates (copper and steel), etching—including both mezzotint and aquatint—lithography, and the Baxter process of chromolithography. Frequently acquired from old or out-of-date books or magazines, these prints were saved for their aesthetic beauty or historical importance. They illustrate such diverse subjects as Bible stories, devotional literature, Shakespeare, recreation, travel, history, humor, and fashion.

Bohls Family Collection

Bohls Family

Pflugerville Public Library

This collection consists of items belonging to Kent Bohls. The genealogy and family history documents included in the collection were both created by Mr. Bohls and combined with the related family documents and photos. The collection provides both a detailed family portrait and a unique window into German immigration to Texas in the mid-19th century. Some of the items in the collection are valuable historic documents related to the Adelsverein and Fisher-Miller grants, early German efforts to establish settlements in Texas through land grants.

The Dr. William L. Wallace Digital Materials Collection

The Dr. William L. Wallace Digital Materials

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

This collection contains the articles and letters from the life of martyred Southern Baptist Convention Medical Missionary Dr. William Wallace, who served in China from 1935 to1951. This collection is significant for the fields of medical missions, Southern Baptist history, and Chinese history.

Vanguard University of Southern California Newspapers Collection

Vanguard University of Southern California Newspapers

Vanguard University

Started in 1948, the Vanguard University student newspaper published the various goings-on of Vanguard students. The student government would eventually change the title 12 times: Apocalypse, The Clock, The Vanguard Clock, The Vanguard Clarion, Clarion, New Wine Press, Vox Populi, Forward Magazine, Vanguard Tribune, SCC Times, The Vanguard Voice, and, to the current title, The Voice, which can be viewed online.         

Robert L. Sigmon Collection

Robert L. Sigmon

Elon University, Belk Library

This digital collection includes various documents related to service and experiential learning that Robert L. Sigmon compiled and authored throughout his career. The content includes essays, speeches, questionnaires, and data collected from his time at the North Carolina Internship Office, at the University of South Carolina, and in his various service-learning endeavors. The collection spans from the beginning of Sigmon's career in the 1960s to the early 2000s.

Queen’s Film Theatre Brochure Archives

Queen’s Film Theatre Brochure Archives

Queen’s University Belfast

This digital collection showcases decades of cultural cinema in Belfast, Northern Ireland (1968–2017). The collection consists of fully text-searchable programs and flyers that contain images from and summaries of recent films, both classics and those long forgotten. The digitization and republication of the brochures were undertaken as part of the Queen’s Film Theatre’s 50th anniversary. It was the result of a collaboration between QFT and Special Collections in Queen’s University Belfast.

Weather Vane Collection

Weather Vane

Eastern Mennonite University

The student newspaper was first published in 1939 as a mimeographed, letter-size publication. In 1956 it changed to a newspaper format and the numbering was restarted with volume 1.             

Hennepin County Yearbook Collection

Hennepin County Yearbook

Hennepin County Library

This collection of Minneapolis and Hennepin County school yearbooks from 1890–1977 includes yearbooks of public and private schools, academies, and other educational institutions in Minneapolis and Hennepin County. The yearbooks were acquired by purchase and through donations from the schools and many individuals. The collection also includes a page from the 1974 Central High School (Minneapolis) yearbook with a photo of the late musician Prince (then a sophomore). He’s the young man with the huge afro below the name “P. Nelson.”

Veterans History Project Collection

Veterans History Project

Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library

Coordinated by the Library of Congress (LOC) through its American Folklife Center, the Veterans History Project calls for Americans to play a personal role in preserving the nation’s history by collecting first-hand accounts of those who defended the United States during wartime. As an official partner in this project, staff at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County recruit veterans and volunteer interviewers, coordinate recording sessions, operate camera equipment, process the video recordings and documentary materials, and send duplicate copies of recordings and documentary materials to LOC for inclusion in its archives and national database. The library’s Veterans History website features a database of locally recorded interviews, documentary materials, and video streamed versions of selected interviews.  

World War II Scrapbooks Collection

World War II Scrapbooks

University of Pikeville

Mary I. Spilman came to Pikeville College from Illinois in 1918 and worked in many capacities at the institution until her death in 1971. Throughout her years with the college, Mary made many scrapbooks related to student life. During World War II, Mary sent material out to servicemen and women, and received images and postcards in return. She collected the items into three scrapbooks. Pikeville College had students placed all over the world during the war, and the material in the scrapbooks reflect where each was stationed.


The Caroline Bartlett Crane Collection

Caroline Bartlett Crane, Everyman's House

Western Michigan University

This collection represents part of the work of a prominent, nationally known social activist in the early 20th century, Caroline Bartlett Crane. She designed an efficient home plan for the common man (especially the common woman) in the 1920s. It was the national winner of Herbert Hoover's Better Homes of America campaign in 1924. She then had the house built in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She wrote a book, which is included in the collection, about how the design helps the family in their daily life. The house is a present-day private home. The digitized collection is an interesting mix of letters, photographs, blueprints, and the book, all of which are searchable.  


The Baton Rouge Room Collection

Baton Rouge Room

East Baton Rouge Parish Library

The mission of the Baton Rouge Room Collection is to collect, manage, preserve, and provide access to items that represent current and historical actions of local governments, businesses, residents, and institutions of the City of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish. These items include but are not limited to photographs, manuscripts, documents, periodical publications, audio and video recordings, and memorabilia. The Baton Rouge Room is in the Main Branch of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library and has existed since the dedication of the River Center Branch in 1980. This digital collection is a sample of the types of materials housed in the library’s archives.

Stories of Southern Oregon

Stories of Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon University

Southern Oregon is rich with stories of generations of families who have worked in the dense forests or in the mills, who have plowed the fields, and who have run cattle. The “Stories of Southern Oregon” project celebrates heritage agriculture, the timber industry, mining, the mills, and more with video family histories of the region’s folks, fields, forests, and foods, as well as photographs, documents, and other ephemera. These materials give texture, context, and nuance to Southern Oregon’s history, the families who have lived here, and shared cultural traditions.

Stone Bridges of Antietam, Washington County, Maryland

Stone Bridges of Antietam

Western Maryland Regional Library

This collection of photographic negatives of the stone bridges over the Antietam Creek in Washington County taken before 1910 was made available by Bob Savitt of the Washington County Historical Society. Paul and Shelby Beaver of Burkittsville found the negatives in their attic and loaned them to Bob Savitt. The photographer was initially unknown, but the photogravures were recognized as those used by Helen Ashe Hayes in her book, Antietam and its Bridges, published in 1910. John C. Artz of Hagerstown, Maryland, was listed as the photographer. Though Artz was not known as a professional photographer, articles in the Baltimore Sun praised him as “an amateur photographer, whose skill with the camera is the envy of many professionals.”

Dialogues Campus Newsletter


North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Dialogues is a campus newsletter for students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni. NCSSM Digital Collections include select materials from the NCSSM Archive, which aims to collect, preserve, and make available materials related to the history of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.

Civil War Correspondence

Civil War Correspondence

Ohio University

This digital archive unites over a thousand letters, diaries, and other Civil War-era documents from 12 manuscript collections held in the Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections at Ohio University Libraries. It features writings from a diverse array of Ohioans, including soldiers of varying ranks fighting across the country, military doctors treating the wounded on the battlefield and in hospitals, and family and friends on the home front facing the struggles of rural existence. These letters contain descriptions of daily life in the military and of several important battles. They also reveal the relationships between correspondents, including expressions of love and regret, news of illness, and social gossip, along with discussions of politics and recent events.

 Through the Eyes of Peace, Nobel Laureate Collection

Through the Eyes of Peace, Nobel Laureate

Walsh University

This is a collection of photographs and documents surrounding the visits of Nobel Prize winners at Walsh University. Visitors included: Mother Teresa, Willy Brandt, Elie Wiesel, Coretta Scott King (representing her late husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), and Adolfo Perez Esquival.


Presbyterian Collection


Johnson C. Smith University

The Presbyterian Collection provides information regarding the connection between Johnson C. Smith University and regional Presbyterian churches. It includes church bulletins, correspondence, church histories, and information regarding the Synod of Catawba.

Carnation Festival on Alliance Memory

Carnation Festival

Alliance Memory

The Carnation Festival began in 1960 and is greatly anticipated each year by residents of the greater Alliance community in Ohio. This collection features photographs from past parades and events of the festival that celebrates Alliance as the Carnation City.  

James Wood Digital Collection

James Wood

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives

The James Wood Digital Collection includes selected items from the Wood family materials held by the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives. The main part of the collection is handwritten correspondence, financial records, surveys and plats, and other business, legal, and personal materials of Col. James Wood and other members of the Wood family. The collection extends from the 1730s to the late 1800s. James Wood (1707-1759) emigrated to Virginia from Britain. In 1738, he built a house that would come to be the family home, known as "Glen Burnie." Later, Wood was a colonel in the Frederick County Militia and served with Colonel George Washington in the 1754 campaign against the French.

Chinese Material Culture Collection

Chinese Material Culture

Southern Oregon University

This collection contains images of a variety of artifacts commonly found on archaeological sites and in museums documenting the Chinese migrant diaspora from the mid-19th through the early 20th century. The assemblage highlights artifacts from Chinese communities in Oregon and California in an effort to promote education and greater understanding of the role Chinese migrants played in the settlement and development of the American West. This collection was created as a means to standardize terminology, aid in artifact identification, and provide accurate information about the manufacture and function of a variety of everyday items used in early Chinese communities in the West.

Dallas College Digital Archives Collection

Dallas College

Dallas College

This collection is composed of digitized photographs, slides, newspapers, documents, and videos pertaining to Dallas College Operations.  

Albert Chance World War II Papers

Albert Chance World War II Papers

Gettysburg College

A digital collection of the World War II Archive of Albert Chance, who served in North Africa and Italy with the 360th AAA Searchlight Battalion. This collection contains more than 300 photographs taken by Chance, which present a picture of the European theater from the perspective of a soldier. His journal chronicles his wartime experience from his boarding of the Kungsholm on March 2, 1943, to his Honorable Discharge at Fort Dix, New Jersey, on September 15, 1945.  His scrapbook displays the many documents that he saved and letters, often in the form of V-mail, that he sent home during his service.

Mount Vernon Publications

Mount Vernon Publications

The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington

This collection combines all printed formats published by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association (MVLA), including books, booklets, brochures, information sheets, event announcements, bylaws, and handbooks or guidebooks. The annual reports and the minutes of the MVLA Council provide background and information on the yearly activities and business of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association. The material includes a wide date range, 1854 to the present.

Daily Planet digital collection

Daily Planet

Drake University

In April 1979, Drake University alumni Larry Vint, Peter Lewis, and Jon Bowermaster put out the first of 120 issues of the free, alternative newspaper originally known as The Daily Planet. Later called The Planet, this paper tackled national and local news as well as arts and entertainment. Whether they were discussing farm policy or the worst pop song ever produced, The Planet staff put out an interesting and entertaining paper that had a true Des Moines voice. The Planet was published from 1979 to 1982.

Women’s Liberation Movement Print Culture

Women’s Liberation Movement Print Culture

Duke University

This collection contains manifestos, speeches, essays, and other materials documenting various aspects of the Women’s Movement in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. The Women's Liberation Movement refers to a series of campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, and equal pay. Feminist print culture, such as the examples provided in the collection, supported and sustained the Women's Movement and connect it to other movements for social justice.

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