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Public libraries perform unique and critical roles in their communities. These roles evolve and change with the needs of the people they serve—economic development, adult and early childhood literacy, support for government programs and more. In response to local funding pressures and the changing needs of their users, public libraries work with OCLC to automate back-office activities, improve services for their users and increase the impact of public libraries as a whole.  

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Get time back to focus on priorities

Like many public libraries, the Onondaga County Public Library system has had to do more with less. The loss of dedicated cataloging staff, however, coincided with a growing need for important local resources. Access to cooperative cataloging with high match rates helped them bridge that gap.

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Satisfy local collection needs with worldwide resource sharing

Stow - Munroe Falls Public Library is known in the region as the go-to library for interlibrary loan requests. It's a testament to the staff's can-do attitude. They rely on easy access to 10,000+ libraries' materials through a global resource sharing network as an essential part of how they serve their community.

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Empower staff to learn on their own

The Morrison Regional Branch of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library provided staff with time to devote to self-directed learning. That helped them become more familiar with the library's tools and technology and directly improved service to their patrons.

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Point patrons in the right direction

Today's public libraries provide access to a wider and more complex set of materials than ever before. Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library's goal is to help anyone find resources on any topic. The tool they use for shelf classification provides a great way for patrons to browse and uncover resources that they might otherwise have missed.

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Reconnect with your community and staff

East Baton Rouge Parish Library wanted to make connections within its community and to raise awareness that the library is a place that's relevant for everyone. In the process, they also provided an opportunity for change and development in all areas of the library, especially with staff.

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Increase accessibility to digitized special collections

The Seattle Public Library wanted to increase online access to its historical digital collections. Because of limited IT support and staff time, they chose a hosted service that they could easily customize right out of the box.

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Bring health information to your community

The "Health Happens in Libraries" program profiled Miami Public Library's effort to establish strong health information resources for both staff and patrons.

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