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"Students have been very pleased and easily adapted to using [WorldCat] Discovery as their basic library catalog. We've experienced growth in the usage of some smaller databases because people find good articles and then link to the smaller database and are able to continue their research there. Having growth in usage of databases is always a positive."

Sarah Keil
Systems & Electronic Resources Librarian

With a required migration looming over them in 2016, the library team at Trevecca Nazarene University's Waggoner Library considered the benefits of migrating with their current service provider or choosing another system. After reviewing the features and benefits of WorldShare® Management Services (WMS), they decided to make a change. WMS has saved the library money and empowered staff with streamlined workflows, including improvement in how they add records to their catalog and manage collections through their knowledge base.

"We didn't really want to consider systems that would potentially cost more than what we were already paying. So we migrated to WMS as part of the Christian Library Consortium incentive program, which gave us a fairly significant discount that has the potential to increase as more consortium members participate," said Beth Purtee, Technical Services Librarian.

Sarah Keil, Systems & Electronic Resources Librarian, said that the WMS implementation was smooth, easy, and pain-free for most of the staff while Beth especially appreciated the support available through the WMS Community Center, online documentation and training, and OCLC Support.

"We feel like the accuracy of our patron records as well as our ability to work with our IT department to get these records has been vastly improved."

Sarah Keil, Systems & Electronic Resources Librarian

Beth also explained that cataloging in Trevecca's previous system required editing records in Connexion® before adding them to the local catalog. Because WMS uses WorldCat as the library catalog, she no longer go through the editing and importing process. "[We] take the records as they are," Beth said, "and so cataloging is much more streamlined." It's also more integrated with the acquisitions process than was possible with their previous system. "We had to do some manual workarounds. Now, it is a much-improved process. I was really excited about this change," Beth said.

Sarah uses WorldShare Collection Manager to effectively manage electronic resources while automatically maintaining holdings within WorldCat® so library users can find them in WorldCat Discovery. The use of WorldShare Collection Manager has allowed for increased access to online resources for Trevecca students and enables staff to complete behind-the-scenes tasks with greater efficiency.  

WMS benefits reach across the organization. For example, Sarah said, "We have been very pleased with having a cloud-based library system for [managing patron records]." Overall, the shift to WMS has provided many opportunities for positive change. And there's even more to look forward to, Sarah added, including experimenting with the Digby® app for inventory.


  • Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Library at a glance

  • Provides access to more than 90,000 print books, 200,000 e-books, 45 core databases, and 51,000 electronic serials
  • Houses archives focused on the university and the Church of the Nazarene
  • Supports face-to-face and online students in programs from the associate degree through the doctoral level

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