Round up, OCLC-LIBER Open Science Discussion Series

Round up, OCLC-LIBER Open Science Discussion Series

By Rachel Frick, Astrid Verheusen, Titia van der Werf, Rebecca Bryant

This concluding webinar to the LIBER-OCLC Open Science Discussion Series provided an overview of the small group discussions, highlighted some of the visions developed, challenges identified and collaboration opportunities identified, and outlined next steps and future opportunities for engagement.

Topics: Open Access

OCLC Research Update

OCLC Research Update (video)

By Rachel Frick, Kendra Morgan, Karen Smith-Yoshimura

ALA Midwinter
Philadelphia, PA, USA

In this session, OCLC staff highlighted recent examples of OCLC Research’s collaborative initiatives, presented on a multi-sector collaboration with public libraries in response to the opioid epidemic and discussed OCLC’s current initiatives around operationalizing linked data.

Topics: Opioid Crisis, Linked Data, Research Library Partnership

Leading the 21st Century Research Library

Leading the 21st Century Research Library

By Rachel Frick, Rebecca Bryant, Annette Dortmund, Karen Smith-Yoshimura, and Titia van der Werf

Research Library Partners Satellite Workshop
Marseille (France)

Program officers and researchers share recent OCLC Research into European practices related to linked data, research data management, persistent identifiers, open access, and research information management.

Topics: Research Library Partnership, Linked Data, Research Data Management, Research Information Management, Open Access

Mini-Symposium on Research Data Management

Mini-Symposium on Research Data Management

By Rachel Frick, David Minor, Hilde van Zeeland, Rebecca Bryant

OCLC Research Mini-Symposium
Leiden, The Netherlands

At this mini-symposium in Leiden, guests learned about recent collaborative work done in the area of RDM by OCLC Research and its network partners.

Topics: Research Data Management



By Rachel Frick

ILIDE 2018 International Conference
Jasná (Slovakia)

Frick shares trends in collection management, and the role of persistent identifiers in research information management.

Smarter Data for Smarter Libraries

Smarter Data for Smarter Libraries

By Rachel Frick, Jeff Mixter

OCLC Americas Regional Council
Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

Frick and Mixter make the case for viewing collections as data, how analyzing institutional repository data can provide intelligence on how library materials are being used, the importance of analytics, and OCLC's work in and support of IIIF.

Topics: IIIF, Research Data Management