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OCLC Research is one of the world's leading centers devoted exclusively to the challenges facing libraries and archives in a rapidly changing information technology environment. Our mission is to expand knowledge that advances OCLC's public purposes of advancing libraries and librarianship. Since 1978, we have carried out research and made technological advances that enhance the value of library services and improve the productivity of librarians and library users.

OCLC Research is Committed to Three Roles

  1. To act as a community resource for shared Research and Development (R&D),
  2. To provide advanced development and technical support within OCLC itself, and
  3. To enhance OCLC's engagement with members and to mobilize the community around shared concerns.

Shared Community R&D

The main thrust of our historical activity has been in the context of the first role, that of community resource for shared R&D. This activity clusters around our shared work agenda, which gives shape and purpose to our work. Current themes are:

Advanced Development and Consultation

Research is an important source of expertise, development and consultation with the enterprise. We are making leading contributions to the development of mobile, "big data" infrastructure (Hadoop), bibliographic processing, linked data, analytics, data architecture and other areas. Sometimes Research prototypes or demos become production services. We are the main focus of expertise about archives in OCLC. We also provide expertise to particular discussions within the organization.

Member and Partner Engagement

We are deeply interconnected through personal and formal engagement with library and archival institutions and organizations, and represent OCLC interests/positions. We also represent library/archive interests in internal OCLC discussions, and regularly provide context or introductions for colleagues.

The OCLC Research Library Partnership is an important contribution to enhancing our third role of engaging with members and mobilizing the community around shared concerns. It provides a venue for research institutions to engage with OCLC to work cooperatively on designing library futures. The OCLC Research Library Partnership is a global alliance of like-minded institutions that focuses on making operational processes more efficient and shaping new scholarly services by directly engaging senior managers. It is supported by the full capacities of OCLC Research, informed by an international, system-wide perspective and connected to the broad array of OCLC products and services.

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