The OCLC Research Library Partnership

Learn, collaborate, share, repeat 

The OCLC Research Library Partnership (RLP) is a unique transnational network of research libraries, supported by a combination of partnership dues and co-investment from OCLC. The RLP offers extensive professional development opportunities for library staff, delivered in a combination of formats—ranging from small group discussions and webinars to working groups and in-person events. Most of our activities are offered virtually, enabling active, international participation, without travel.

The Research Library Partnership supports libraries as they evolve to meet 21st century challenges, providing them with the connections, knowledge, and resources to plan with confidence in a complex, rapidly changing ecosystem.

The RLP provides research, programming and peer-led learning in key areas of interest to research libraries.  
  • research support
  • unique and distinctive collections
  • resource sharing
  • next generation metadata

Across these four areas, the RLP seeks to support libraries through the challenges of COVID-19 and to advance equity, diversity and inclusion efforts

“…being able to engage with colleagues at other universities from my desk has been an absolute lifeline for me. Thank you!”

Dr. Cathy Pink, Senior Data Librarian, University of Bath

How we work

RLP activities are led by an energetic team who work with member institutions to develop an array of programming for both senior library leaders and staff, virtually and in person:

  • Online learning: The Works In Progress Webinars are live, participatory online learning opportunities focusing on leading edge work done at OCLC and our partner institutions. Our webinars provide a cost-effective way for members to stay up-to-date on emerging practices.
  • Discussion: We host small group discussion on topics related to our programmatic focus.
  • Collaborative research: We also engage members in research collaboratively through ad hoc working groups.
  • Information sharing: RLP email and discussions lists facilitate sharing and allow subscribers to receive updates about webinars, events, research projects, and more.
  • Consultations: RLP staff also consult directly with partner institutions, sharing their expertise on resource sharing, metadata, distinctive collections, linked data, research support services, and more.

Join us

The OCLC Research Library Partnership offers an affordable way for research libraries to stay up-to-date, network, engage in peer learning, and shape the future of OCLC Research. Learn more about our dues structure and how to join.

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