The OCLC Research Library Partnership

Connecting you to a shared future.

Cooperative innovation that makes your library more valuable, operating processes more efficient, and shapes new distinctive services.

A venue for the research library community


The OCLC Research Library Partnership is a venue for research libraries to undertake significant, innovative, collective action to benefit scholars and researchers everywhere. The Partnership magnifies the leadership and direction provided by innovative libraries. OCLC recognizes the valuable contribution that research libraries play in the cooperative and supports the Partnership with the full capacities of OCLC Research. For institutions, the ORLP represents a significant extension of their own, internal R&D capacities.

Collaboratively designing a shared future


OCLC Research works with Partner institutions to identify challenges that are too big for an institution to address alone.  Partners share their priorities and exchange innovative approaches to challenges they see ahead. Together we take a fresh look at community practice and consider alternative policies and approaches.  With the Partnership, OCLC Research helps to develop shared understandings with events and publications on timely topics, assembles evidence (e.g. data analysis, user studies), surfaces techniques for sharing data, services and expertise, and develops prototypes to test and demonstrate improved approaches.

Partnership activities


An international alliance


OCLC Research Library Partnership allies like-minded institutions from twelve countries.  A multinational Partnership allows for Partner staff to meet and collaborate with staff from institutions pursuing different solutions or at different stages of adoption of solutions as they design their future services.

Partnership Roster

Join the OCLC Research Library Partnership

All research libraries and not-for-profit organizations with educational, research or cultural missions are invited to join the OCLC Research Library Partnership. You will benefit if you are ready to invest resources and staff expertise in collaboratively designing innovative programs and future services that increase the efficiency and impact of research libraries.

Partnership Agreement Form

Contact Partner Relations, at +1-650-287-2133 (voice) or with questions.


Join the OCLC Research Library Partnership!

Through partnership, you can advance your institution's goals, tap into an international pool of experts and benefit from a range of collaborative efforts focused on maximizing the impact cultural institutions have on the communities they serve.


Stay connected

A number of subscription e-mail and discussion lists have been developed for staff at OCLC Research Library Partnership institutions to support continuing conversations about our work, share updates and solicit volunteers for new activities.


Learn more about SHARES

This resource sharing consortium is open only to OCLC Research Library Partnership institutions. Participation is optional, but staff and patrons at many institutions consider SHARES to be a primary benefit of affiliation. SHARES activity is comprised of three components:

- Expedited interlibrary lending, where participants consider all requests on a case-by-case basis without blanket restrictions
- Reciprocal onsite access to participant collections
- Collaboration on projects such as cost studies, sharing expertise and streamlining workflows.