Americas Regional Council

Kelvin Watson

Executive Director, Las Vegas-Clark County Library

Kelvin Watson

Military, corporate, national, and public library positions, has prepared Kelvin as a 21st Century Library Leader, bringing diverse leadership in library, information, community, engagement, business, and technology. Serving as new executive director of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, Kelvin is setting in motion the innovative change all library systems are capable of. At Broward County Libraries, he created pop-up libraries in unexpected spaces as public transit, parks, hospitals, prison, and airport. Kelvin is deeply committed to "inviting the uninvited," and uses his experience in technology to forward this goal. He expanded library access to Broward County students by turning student ID numbers into Digital Direct Library Cards. As COO at Queens Borough Library, Kelvin guided our technology, information, and development efforts, developing several innovative programs, using strategies that addressed the digital divide; and at the USDA National Agricultural Library, he led many initiatives on Discovery, Delivery & Access of Information.

Member institution

Las Vegas-Clark County Library

Nevada, USA

Term end date: 31 October 2024