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Shirley Chiu-wing Wong

University Librarian, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Shirley Chiu-wing Wong

Shirley Chiu-wing Wong has served as University Librarian of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) since 2012. Before that, she served at The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library where she was responsible for library user services, mandatory information literacy assessment, the library extension project, and the development of learning commons and research commons. 

Wong was the principal investigator of the three-year project funded by the Hong Kong University Grants Committee (UGC) and involved all eight UGC-funded universities to enhance information literacy among university students by developing and implementing the InfoLit for U MOOC, launched in 2018. 

In Hong Kong, Wong was Chair of the Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee (JULAC) in 2016-2017, Chair of the JULAC Learning Strategies Committee in 2012-2020, Chair of the JULAC Copyright Committee in 2008-2012, Chair of the JULAC Committee on Reference Services in 2005-2007, and Secretary to and member of the then Heads of Universities Committee Task Force on Copyright in Education in 2005-2012. Internationally, Wong was Chair of OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council in 2018-2019, a board member of IATUL in 2014-2017, and a member of the Copyright and Other Legal Matters Committee of IFLA in 2009-2017.

Wong obtained her Bachelor of Science, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (with Distinction) and Advanced Diploma in Education (Psychology of Student Learning) from The University of Hong Kong. She was awarded an overseas postgraduate scholarship for pursuing an MA in Library and Information Studies at University College London, and she received her doctoral degree in education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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