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People speaking at Global Council meeting


Led by librarians on behalf of libraries

OCLC operates under principles and systems of shared governance across several groups: Global and Regional Councils, the Board of Trustees, and the OCLC Executive Management Team.

Our members guide the development of OCLC's programs, policies, strategy and services. That responsibility is reflected in our leadership structure.

Sandra Yee

“Libraries are not only members of OCLC, but are also the ‘governors’ of this cooperative. Each member has a vote and a voice in governance. We all have a stake in our collective future.”

Sandra Yee
OCLC Board Chair
Dean of University Libraries and the School of Library and Information Science, Wayne State University

Global and Regional Councils

Members from around the globe are grouped by three Regional Councils—Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific. Each region determines its own leadership structure, programs and priorities, and facilitates communication at the local level. Regional Councils elect representatives to serve on the OCLC Global Council. There are 48 Global Council delegates, who elevate members’ interests and opportunities to OCLC’s leadership team and the Board of Trustees. Global Council delegates are also responsible for electing six members to the OCLC Board of Trustees.

Man speaking at Regional Council meeting

Wilbur Stolt

“Members engage with colleagues throughout the region to help us identify what we should be working on and how we envision the future of the cooperative.”

Wilbur Stolt
Chair, Americas Regional Council Executive Committee

Director of Libraries, University of North Dakota, Chester Fritz Library, USA

Poul Erlandsen

“Members provide valuable input to OCLC, as well as share news and best practices with members throughout EMEA.”

Poul Erlandsen
Chair, EMEA Regional Council Executive Committee

Head of Department, The Royal Library—CULIS, Denmark

Srichan Chancheewa

“Asia Pacific members bring an abundance of cultural resources to the cooperative. We’re experiencing tremendous growth in many areas of research.”

Srichan Chancheewa
Chair, Asia Pacific Regional Council Executive Committee
Director, Thammasat University Libraries, Thailand

Barbara Preece

“Through cooperation, we can advance and evolve to better serve our constituencies, and better support the needs of our communities.”

Barbara Preece
Director Loyola/Notre Dame Library, Loyola University Maryland
President, OCLC Global Council (2014–2015)

Board of Trustees

The 14-member Board of Trustees approaches its responsibilities in a unique way—it answers to and represents members, not shareholders or venture capitalists. The Board guides the vision of the cooperative, shaping OCLC’s strategy and goals. It also fulfills the fiduciary duty of protecting OCLC’s shared assets and investments. In addition, the Board is responsible for recruiting and working with the OCLC President and CEO, and for monitoring the cooperative through a dedicated audit process. The Board meets five times a year and its work is done by seven committees:

Audit Committee

Together with the Board and executive management, the Audit Committee evaluates the performance of independent auditors, reviews auditors' plans and processes, and reviews audited financial statements. This committee also oversees risk assessment and mitigation plans.

Board Governance Committee

Assists in maintaining continuity of Board membership and managing the internal affairs and self evaluation of the Board. The Committee also assists with other duties assigned to it by the Board.

Executive Committee

The chairs of each committee, the Board Chair and the President and CEO coordinate the work accross the Board committees. The Executive Committee exercises the authority of the Board in the management of the affairs of the corporation when the board is not in session.

Finance and Investment Committee

Responsible for the oversight of the financial health of OCLC. The Finance Committee reviews interim and annual financial results and the annual budget plan, the approval of loans, capital expenditures, mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and special expenditures. This committee also reviews long-term investment policy and banking resolutions and recommends action by the Board.

Membership Committee

Reviews and updates membership and governance protocols, which determine how membership is defined. The committee is comprised of both Board members and Global Council members, and contributes to the formation and constitution of the Global Council.

Personnel and Compensation Committee

Provides oversight review of compensation and benefits for the employees of the corporation. This committee evaluates and reports to the Board of Trustees on matters concerning management performance, employee compensation and personal policies, management development and continuity plans, and approves (but does not administer or manage) employee compensation and benefit programs.

Technology Planning Committee

Evaluates and reports to the Board on appropriate matters related to technology, including OCLC's engagement with emerging technologies that appear well-suited to helping libraries better serve their user communities.

Trustees listen carefully to members in order to better understand and address the issues affecting libraries in today’s changing environment. See the minutes of past Board meetings.

Photos of trustees

2014–2015 OCLC Board of Trustees

OCLC Executive Management Team

The OCLC Executive Management Team brings expertise to the cooperative from the worlds of technology, business and librarianship. Learn more about the Presidents of OCLC—past and present.