OCLC Research Directory

OCLC Research is organized around different areas of library research and ways libraries can engage with each other and library learning. The areas of the division are: Technical Research, Library Trends and User Research, the Research Library Partnership, and WebJunction. Explore the bios, projects, publications, and presentations of individual members of OCLC Research.


These researchers explore the areas of technical research, library trends, and user research. Their work spans a wide variety of topics that impact the library field from linked data to research data management and dozens of topics in between.

  • Rick Bennett

    Rick Bennett

    Lead Software Engineer

    Develops and supports software for Web access and maintenance for the FAST project.

  • Brittany Brannon

    Brittany Brannon

    Research Support Specialist

    Supports user and library research on information and research data seeking, evaluation and access in the digital environment. Expertise in qualitative methods.

  • Rebecca Bryant

    Rebecca Bryant

    Senior Program Officer

    Conducts research and leads RLP activities related to research information management, data management, campus collaboration, and more.

  • Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D.

    Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D.

    Director of Library Trends and User Research

    Leads user-centered research on library collections, policies, staffing, and users. Evaluates and assesses library programs.

  • Ixchel M. Faniel, Ph.D.

    Ixchel M. Faniel, Ph.D.

    Senior Research Scientist

    Conducts user and library studies related to research data management, reuse, and curation practices and online information behavior.

  • Rachel Frick

    Rachel Frick

    Executive Director, Research Library Partnership

    Leads the academic and research library engagement activities for OCLC Research through the work of the Research Library Partnership Program.

  • Kirk Hess

    Kirk Hess

    Lead Software Engineer

    Provides software development support for OCLC Research initiatives and consulting on Linked Data projects.

  • Alexandria Kalika

    Alexandria Kalika

    Senior Software Engineer

    Works on integrating machine learning, Big Data, and cloud technologies into Technical Research efforts, focusing on data visualization and data science.

  • Kerre A. Kammerer

    Kerre A. Kammerer

    Lead Software Engineer

    Supports the Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) project by developing and maintaining algorithms to map LCSH to FAST.

  • Lesley Langa, Ph.D.

    Lesley Langa, Ph.D.

    Associate Research Scientist

    Conducts and manages user and organizational research on access to and discovery of collections. Expertise in national mixed methods studies.

  • Brian Lavoie

    Brian Lavoie

    Senior Research Scientist

    Investigates collective collections, research support, the evolving scholarly record, organizing library capacities, and library data as a research resource.

  • Constance Malpas

    Constance Malpas

    Manager, Strategic Programs

    Leads programs across OCLC Research, Product Management and Business Development. Constance interprets market trends to inform research and product strategy.

  • Dennis Massie

    Dennis Massie

    Senior Program Officer

    Conceives and manages OCLC Research projects centered on sharing collections and coordinates the SHARES resource sharing consortium.

  • Jeff Mixter

    Jeff Mixter

    Sr. Technical Manager

    Conducts research and development testing to support next-generation product development and planning.

  • Andrew K. Pace

    Andrew K. Pace

    Executive Director for Technical Research

    Leads the Data Science and engineering teams for OCLC Research and aligns R&D activities with OCLC global strategy and member library research directions.

  • Mercy Procaccini

    Mercy Procaccini

    Senior Program Officer

    Facilitates learning and engagement opportunities, including the Metadata Managers Focus Group and the Works in Progress webinar series.

  • Merrilee Proffitt

    Merrilee Proffitt

    Senior Manager

    Helps manage the OCLC RLP. Webinar & event wrangler. Wikimedia & libraries. Home base at the intersection of special collections & digitization.

  • Roger H. Thompson

    Roger H. Thompson

    Lead Software Engineer

    Conducts data mining and machine learning projects, and provides support for the WorldCat Identities, Classify, and xFinder research prototypes.

  • Jenny Toves

    Jenny Toves

    Software Architect

    Supports clustering for FRBR, ingest, matching and clustering for VIAF and uses data analytics + Worldcat to answer research questions.

  • Titia van der Werf

    Titia van der Werf

    Senior Program Officer

    Coordinates OCLC Research work in Europe. Titia combines community of practice and research expertise in the archives and library profession.

  • Bruce Washburn

    Bruce Washburn

    Principal Engineer

    Collaborates on developing durable and practical solutions for library and archives data management and discovery, with a focus on linked data.

  • Chela Scott Weber

    Chela Scott Weber

    Senior Program Officer

    Leads work related to archives, special, and distinctive collections for the Research Library Partnership.

  • Jeff Young

    Jeff Young

    Software Architect

    Conducts research related to the linked data cloud.