Dennis Massie

Senior Program Officer

Dennis Massie

Dennis Massie coordinates the SHARES resource sharing consortium for the OCLC Research Library Partnership. He also manages OCLC Research projects centered on sharing collections.

Dennis worked with the interlibrary loan community to design and build the OCLC Interlibrary Loan Cost Calculator, a tool that acts as a virtual real-time ILL cost study. Another initiative involves collaborating with the ILL community to provide general recommendations regarding cross-institutional relationships that help art libraries create and manage partnerships around their collections and sustain access to art research materials. Previously, Dennis led efforts to promote the streamlined, sensible sharing of special collections materials between libraries and to reduce the carbon footprint of interlibrary loan operations.

Dennis has been a resource sharing professional for 25 years, serving as the head of interlibrary loan at New York University’s Bobst Library prior to joining OCLC.

Dennis holds an MLIS from Queens College, City University of New York, and a Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Emerson College.

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    Sustaining Art Research Collections: Case Studies in Collaboration

    18 April 2023

    Dennis Massie, Chela Scott Weber, Mercy Procaccini, Brian Lavoie

    This report shares recommendations for building successful collaborations and identifies typical challenges library partnerships navigate based on case study research of current art library collaborations.

    Sustaining Art Research Collections: Using Data to Explore Collaboration

    15 February 2023

    Brian Lavoie, Dennis Massie, Chela Scott Weber

    This report explores collaboration opportunities between art, academic, and independent research libraries by analyzing WorldCat bibliographic and holdings data and WorldShare interlibrary loan transaction data.

    Reciprocal On-Site Access: Sharing Information by Sharing Library Spaces

    1 February 2020

    Beth Posner, Dennis Massie, Jennifer DeVito, Katharine Haldeman

    On-site reciprocal access to libraries is a valuable benefit of consortial membership. This article details its advantages, offers a sample of some ways in which consortia facilitate such access and reviews the work of the authors, within the SHARES consortium, in this area.

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