OCLC Research Directory

OCLC Research is organized around different areas of library research and ways libraries can engage with each other and library learning. The areas of the division are: Technical Research, Library Trends and User Research, the Research Library Partnership, and WebJunction. Explore the bios, projects, publications, and presentations of individual members of OCLC Research.

Communications Team

  • Jeanette McNicol

    Jeanette McNicol

    Communications Specialist

    Designs OCLC Research reports, manages publications schedules, and is responsible for OCLC Research website updates. Jeanette also supports the RLP efforts.

  • Erica Melko

    Erica Melko

    Senior Communications Coordinator/Editor

    Coordinates communication needs for OCLC Membership & Research. Erica writes content, edits research outputs, and manages communication strategies for the division.

  • JD Shipengrover

    JD Shipengrover

    Lead Web Project Analyst

    Supports the OCLC Research website and the Hanging Together blog, and has an interest in information visualization and user interface design.

Support Staff