OCLC Research Directory

OCLC Research is organized around different areas of library research and ways libraries can engage with each other and library learning. The areas of the division are: Technical Research, Library Trends and User Research, the Research Library Partnership, and WebJunction. Explore the bios, projects, publications, and presentations of individual members of OCLC Research.


WebJunction builds the knowledge, skills, and confidence of library staff to power strong libraries that are the heart of vibrant communities. A program of OCLC Research, WebJunction is free and welcome to all libraries to use, regardless of size, type, or location. The staff here design the programs and create the many learning opportunties, including webinars, courses, articles, and special projects.

  • Brooke Doyle

    Brooke Doyle

    Project Coordinator

    Coordinates WebJunction online learning projects that create opportunities for public library staff to build new skills and stay current on topics and trends.

  • Kathleen Gesinger

    Kathleen Gesinger

    Learning Community Manager

    Designs and delivers learning opportunities for library staff, and supports the learner experience in the WebJunction Course Catalog.

  • Betha Gutsche

    Betha Gutsche

    Program Manager

    Design curriculum and deliver training online and in-person to help public library staff respond to emerging needs and remain vital to their communities.

  • Steph Harmon

    Steph Harmon

    Program Design and Development Manager

    Leads institutional fundraising, program design and strategic partnerships for grant-funded initiatives that benefit library practitioners.

  • Brianna Hoffman

    Brianna Hoffman

    Project Coordinator

    Manages and coordinates grant-funded project timelines, deadlines, and priorities and facilitates online learning opportunities for library staff.

  • Dale Musselman

    Dale Musselman

    Learning Manager

    Designs, implements and supports WebJunction projects with a focus on library staff learning. Dale also oversees WebJunction’s learning management system.

  • Jennifer Peterson

    Jennifer Peterson

    Community Manager

    Coordinates WebJunction’s webinar programming, works with the WebJunction.org website and social media presence, and supports various grant projects.

  • Mercy Procaccini

    Mercy Procaccini

    Senior Program Officer

    Facilitates learning and engagement opportunities, including the Metadata Managers Focus Group and the Works in Progress webinar series.

  • Sharon Streams

    Sharon Streams

    Executive Director, WebJunction

    Builds and activates learning networks for library staff through WebJunction and grant-funded projects. Sharon also oversees division communications.