FEB 25

OCLC Research at the EMEA Regional Council Meeting

OCLC Research staff will present at several sessions during OCLC's Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Council (EMEARC) Member Meeting in the Palais des Congrès in Strasbourg, France.

This event has passed.

The OCLC Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Council (EMEARC) Annual Meeting provides a chance for OCLC members and others across the EMEA Region to come together. The first three EMEARC meetings were held in the Netherlands, Germany, and most recently in the United Kingdom. Each year the meeting has attracted more and more participants from throughout the region who come together to hear about and discuss cutting edge developments and technology, relevant to library services.

This year's meeting, titled Dynamic Data: a world of possibilities, will explore the rapid evolutions of data management and the agendas that are driving the revolution in technology. Sessions such as The Power of Shared Data, Linked Data and Innovating with Data will present a broad spectrum of opportunities for libraries to innovate their services. Complete details about the meeting are available on the OCLC EMEA Regional Council Annual Meeting page.

The following OCLC Research staff will present at the sessions below.

  • Thom Hickey, Chief Scientist
  • Max Klein, Wikipedian in Residence       
  • Roy Tennant, Senior Program Officer
  • Titia van der Werf, Senior Program Officer
  • Shenghui Wang, Research Scientist

We encourage you to attend their sessions or contact them at the links above to arrange a meeting.


Monday, 25 February

Time Session

VIAF Workshop

  • Thom Hickey, Chief Scientist

Download Thom's slides (.pptx: 1.4MB/14 slides)
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Download Max's slides (.pptx: 1.2MB/28 slides)
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Tuesday,  26 February

Time Session

Optional Member Sessions

Increasing Connectivity and Quality on the Web

Download Titia's slides (.pptx: 902KB/6 slides)
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  • Shenghui Wang, Research Scientist

View Shenghui's presentation slides on Prezi, "Hunting for Semantic Clusters: How Can We Find Interesting Stuff in Over 22 Million Europeana Objects?" 

Download Max's slides (.pptx: 1.5MB/44 slides)
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  • Rémi Mathis, Wikimédia France

View Rémi's presentation slides, "Wikimédia France: Bringing the Libraries into the Spotlight" (.pdf: 2.7MB/30 pp.)


Plenary Session One—Leveraging WorldCat: Data Mining the Largest Library Database in the World

Download Roy's slides (.pptx: 6.1MB/23 slides)
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View Roy's "Cataloging Unchained" video (3:24) that debuted at this keynote and illustrates the power of data mining our cataloging heritage.


Plenary Session Two—Metadata Out of Control: Network-level Metadata Aggregations

Download Titia's slides (.pptx: 6.6MB/29 slides)
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View the "Aggregations as Information Supermarkets" video (6.38) of the skit by OCLC Research staff that introduced this session and illustrates the importance of supplying quality metadata on the web.

Start Date

25 February 2013

End Date

26 March 2013


Strasbourg, France


Palais des Congrès