SHARES Advisory Groups

SHARES Executive Group

The SHARES Executive Group represents the interests of all participants in SHARES. It advises OCLC Research and the OCLC Research Library Partnership on long-term planning for SHARES services, identifies needs for new or revised policies for resource-sharing activities, develops ideas for program enhancements and addresses strategic directions.

Eight participants are elected by the SHARES liaisons and serve for two years; three of the seats are allotted to members from museum, law, and non-North American institutions. Every year four representatives are elected.

Name Institution E-mail Address
Carl Jones
University of Edinburgh
Zack Lane
Columbia University
Lars Leon
University of Kansas
Deborah Mitoraj
University of Michigan Law

Mike Paxton

University of Chicago

Elise Thornley

Binghamton University
Kristin Walker

University of Texas at Austin
Lynn Wexler
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


Working Groups

SHARES Participants have frequent opportunities to come together with peers to find solutions to commonly held collection sharing challenges. Calls for volunteers go out on the SHARES-L discussion listserv least each time a new effort is launched.

Active Working Groups

SHARES Best Practices Working Group

Past Working Groups

SHARES ILL Practitioners Council

SHARES Packaging and Shipping Task Force

Museum Library Advisory Group

Policy Rethink

Throughout 2018 and into early 2019, the SHARES Executive Group is engaging with all SHARES participants in rethinking SHARES policies and values.

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Shares Agreement

SHARES Project Team

SHARES is managed by the SHARES Executive Group


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