SHARES Partnership Agreement

All OCLC Research Library Partnership (RLP) institutions are invited to join the SHARES partnership.

  • For a list of participating organizations, see Partners.
  • For SHARES interlending, document supply, and on-site procedures, see Procedures.

Becoming a SHARES Partner

Each participating institution has a designated SHARES liaison who serves as the institution's official contact regarding local adherence to SHARES policies, votes to elect nominees to an executive group, and provides advice to the group regarding overall policy.

SHARES Partners make a commitment to agreed-on policies, monitor their own performance, and manage local workflow to their own and each other's benefit. There is no separate fee for participation; the RLP partner representative of the institution needs only to submit the SHARES Partnership Agreement Form online (see below).

Policies and guidelines

Signing the SHARES Partnership Agreement means:

  • You and your staff are committed to providing SHARES services to partners' primary clientele, including reciprocal onsite access.
  • You are identifying a person to be your institution's principal contact with the SHARES program officer at OCLC Research.
  • Your SHARES contact will provide and keep current your institution's information for the OCLC RLP Web-based ILL directory and liaison on the SHARES Partner Contacts page.
  • Your institution may be listed as a participant in OCLC RLP publicity about SHARES.
  • You understand and agree to the SHARES net-lending calculation: $10 USD for all copies, $10 USD for returnables within a continent, and $30 USD for returnables between continents. Lenders have the option of recouping shipping costs over $30 USD.
  • Your staff will follow SHARES ILL performance standards and procedures, including 3-day turnaround and 35-day loan periods, and SHARES on-site access guidelines.
  • Your staff with control over collections and library operations agree to work with your ILL staff to consider each SHARES loan or copy request case by case, for all types of material.
  • You are making clear your library's policy about lending returnable items to SHARES partners on other continents, both on your completed agreement form and in the OCLC Policies Directory.
  • You can use any ILL system that converses with OCLC's WorldShare Interlibrary Loan (WSILL). But your SHARES requests must pass through WSILL, and you must use IFM (ILL Fee Management) as the payment method.
  • Your library will contribute bibliographic records to WorldCat and keep holdings information current.
  • Changes to SHARES guidelines and procedures, including the pricing structure, require a SHARES Executive Group recommendation and the approval of a majority of voting SHARES liaisons.


SHARES Partnership Agreement Form

If you have any questions about the SHARES Partnership Agreement, please contact Dennis Massie, SHARES Senior Program Officer.


Throughout 2021, the SHARES Executive Group invites all SHARES participants to come together in conversation and action around four themes, starting with Making ILL Materials Accessible.

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