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SHARES Best Practices Working Group

The SHARES Best Practices Working Group is a standing group with rotating membership that works to develop SHARES preferred practices.

A list of specific collection sharing best practices divided into various categories.  Each category is presented on a grid consisting of four columns:

  1. Principle:  high-level collection sharing concepts of desired behavior.
  2. Best – General:  specific collection sharing best practices applicable to most any situation or consortium.
  3. Best Plus – SHARES:  specific collection sharing best practices reflecting the enhanced expectations and traditions among SHARES partners.
  4. The Worst:  a chance to vent about pet peeves and perceived crimes against collection sharing humanity.

Best Practices

The inaugural edition of the SHARES Best Practices working Group conceived of, and began assembling, a set of best practices in the following categories:

  • General
  • About You(r ILL unit)
  • Lending
  • Borrowing
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • International Packaging and Shipping

Some categories may not be present on the current version of the Best Practices grid; also, there are no doubt important categories we haven’t thought of yet.

SHARES participants are encouraged to contribute to this effort by:

  • Commenting on the Best Practices work by posting to the SHARES-L discussion list or by sending comments to the OCLC SHARES coordinator.
  • Using a template to send your own version of the Best Practices grid to the SHARES Best Practices Working Group for review; contact the OCLC SHARES coordinator to receive a copy of the template.

Current  Members

Name Institution
Ralph Baylor
Frick Collection Art Reference Library
Kathy Britt-Rogers Emory University
J. Silvia Cho CUNY Graduate Center
Jennifer Devito
Stony Brook University
Amy Gherardini
University of Michigan
Katharine Haldeman
Boston University Pappas Law Library
Jenny Lee
University of California, Los Angeles
Aimee Lind
Getty Research Institute
Meg Massey
Pennsylvania State University
Autumn Mather
Art Institute of Chicago
David Perry
Bryn Mawr College
Beth Posner
CUNY Graduate Center
John Sandoval
University of Miami
Phoebe Walker
New York University


Former Members

Name Institution
Lapis David Cohen
University of Pennsylvania
Poul Erlandsen Royal Library of Denmark
Caitlin Finlay Cornell University
Angela Galvan
The OSU Health Sciences Library
Matthew Gengler
Cleveland Museum of Art
Amber Glass
University of Michigan
Kurt Munson
Northwestern University
Merle Slyhoff
University of Pennsylvania's Biddle Law Library
Susan Stone
University of Toronto
Elise Thornley
Binghamton University


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Policy Rethink

In 2018 and 2019, the SHARES Executive Group engaged with all SHARES participants in rethinking SHARES policies and values.

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SHARES Project Team

SHARES is managed by the SHARES Executive Group


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