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National Library of New Zealand

The National Library of New Zealand is currently not a member of SHARES.

OCLC symbol: NZ1

General Collections
National Library of New Zealand
Freyberg Building, Level 1
2 Aitken Street
Wellington, New Zealand

SHARES contact
Lorraine Brennan
Team Leader, Collection Delivery
+(64-4) 470 4444
Fax: +64-4.474 3163

Interlibrary loan contact—supply
Collection Delivery
+(64-4) 474 3144
Fax: +64-4.474 3163

Interlibrary loan contact—requests
International Interloans
+(64-4) 474 3031
Fax: +64-4.474 3125

Note: The Alexander Turnbull Library is not a SHARES participant.

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