SHARES Policy Rethink

Throughout calendar year 2018, the SHARES Executive Group (SEG) will seek to engage with all SHARES participants, and with staff at OCLC Research Library Partnership institutions who are considering joining SHARES, in rethinking SHARES policies and values. This Rethink will be organized around five themes, taken up and explored in sequence as the year unfolds.

SEG members believe that this conversation is an essential step toward positioning SHARES to play a vibrant role in a resource sharing future where the emphasis is always on the patron, and where consortia will increasingly be the venue for the advancement of library collections and services.

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Themes and Timeline:

Encourage Evidence-based Processes
January-February 2018
Encourage an evidenced-based streamlining of processes that will unburden staff, enhance fulfillment, and bring the library user experience closer to that of Amazon and Google.

Build in Flexibility
March-April 2018
Build some flexibility into selected SHARES policies and guidelines, allowing members to behave according to their own values and priorities, focusing on the aspects of collection-sharing that are most important for their institutions.  

Enhance Access
May-June 2018

Enhance access to materials according to patron preferences, both for items obtained for them through interlibrary loan and by improving the SHARES reciprocal onsite access experience.  

Embrace Procedures that Add Value
July-September 2018

Achieve greater administrative efficiencies by emphasizing actions that add value to the user experience and enhance the relationship between the patron and the library, while striving to let go of actions that add no value for patrons.

Mitigate International Sharing Costs
October-November 2018

Explore the feasibility of processes designed to mitigate the financial impact of sharing returnable items across borders and overseas.  

Policy Rethink

Throughout 2018, the SHARES Executive Group will seek to engage with all SHARES participants in rethinking SHARES policies and values.

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