OCLC Research Library Partnership Metadata Managers Focus Group

The OCLC Research Library Partnership Metadata Managers Focus Group is comprised of representatives from 62 Partners in eleven countries who are very interested in engaging with other OCLC Research Library Partners on issues of common concern. This focus group offers an opportunity to engage with peers in OCLC Research Library Partner institutions who are responsible for creating and managing metadata.

The focus group shares information about topics of common concern, identifies metadata management issues OCLC Research could pursue in support of the OCLC Research Library Partnership, provides feedback on OCLC Research’s various metadata management projects and initiates working groups as warranted.  

A planning group determines three timely topics and develops question sets around these topics with context statements indicating why these questions are being asked. This information is distributed to focus group members a couple of months before each ALA conference. The compilation of the responses then serve as background for face-to-face meetings held in conjunction with ALA as well as WebEx sessions held afterwards for those who couldn’t attend the meetings. Summaries of all focus group discussions are posted on the HangingTogether blog.



Transitioning to the Next Generation of Metadata

Transitioning to the Next Generation of Metadata

By Karen Smith-Yoshimura

Transitioning to the Next Generation of Metadata synthesizes six years (2015-2020) of OCLC Research Library Partners Metadata Managers Focus Group discussions and what they may foretell for the “next generation of metadata.”

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Past working groups

Metadata Managers Planning Group

  • Jennifer Baxmeyer, Princeton University
  • Liz Bodian, Brandeis University
  • Susan Dahl, University of Calgar
  • Chingmy Lam, University of Sydney Library
  • Daricus Larry, University of Arizona
  • Daniel Lovins, Yale University
  • Chloe Misorski, Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Anchalee (Joy) Panigabutra-Roberts, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • John Riemer, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Helen Williams, London School of Economics Library