Research Data Management

Research data management (RDM) is assuming an increasingly prominent place in scholarly communication, funder requirements, codes of academic practice, university research strategy, and even national policy.

OCLC Research has followed these developments and responded with a program of work examining researchers' needs and the role of university libraries in supporting researchers and assisting universities in meeting emerging compliance requirements.

OCLC has conducted qualitative and quantitative research through ongoing research projects that explore different aspects of RDM and engaged the library community through OCLC Research Library Partnership working groups.

By examining the needs of stakeholders engaged throughout the data lifecycle, we aim to show the interconnectedness among needs and actions and provide practical guidance that improves data creation, management, curation and reuse experiences.

Our research outputs also provide models for understanding RDM capacity acquisition as well as practical guidance for supporting researchers, and builds upon previous foundational work that situates RDM within the larger Evolving Scholarly Record.


Team Members

Rebecca Bryant, Senior Program Officer

Ixchel Faniel, Senior Research Scientist

Brian Lavoie, Senior Research Scientist

Planning Guide

A three-part set of resources, which includes webinars and guides, to support planning and decision making at institutions considering and developing RDM services. View the Planning Guide.