Public Libraries and the Opioid Crisis

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OCLC and the Public Library Association have conducted research into how public libraries are supporting their communities through the opioid crisis, and how libraries are partnering with organizations to meet these local needs.

Explore this site for the project findings, including a summary report and case studies from the eight public library research locations. A newly released call to action guide outlines how libraries can engage in opioid response activities. Together, we can make a positive difference in improving outcomes for our communities.


Summary Report

Cover: Summary Report

This report gathers the findings from the research sites, sharing the opioid response activities that were implemented, summarizes the research findings, and includes the research methodology.

Download the Summary Report

Case Studies

Cover: Case Studies

The case studies detail each of eight library responses, the partnerships formed, community reactions, outcomes of the efforts, as well as challenges, needs, and opportunities.

Download the Case Studies

Call to Action

Cover: Call to Action

The urgent demand created by this public health crisis is paired with uncertainty on how best to address local needs in this area. This guide provides options, ideas, and resources for engaging in a response.

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Past Events

WebJunction Webinar

Public Libraries and the Opioid Crisis: A Call to Action

This webinar presents a newly published call to action, offering strategies for public libraries to consider as they determine a local response to the nationwide opioid crisis. Panelists shared resources, including ideas for organizations to partner with, additional perspectives to consider, and strategies for getting started.

View the recording

WebJunction Webinar

Public Libraries Partner to Respond to the Opioid Crisis

This webinar presents examples from case studies of libraries who are serving as active partners in addressing the opioid crisis in their communities.

View the recording

WebJunction Webinar

Community Health Challenges: Training, Language and Programming for Libraries

This webinar highlights approaches, resources, and programs that can help reduce stigma and fear surrounding the opioid crisis and promote healthier communities.

View the recording

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