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EZproxy was built for libraries. It provides the flexibility you need to achieve your strategic goals.


A fully managed and hosted e-resource access and authentication solution that connects users to e-resources with their existing single sign-on credentials.

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Simplifies e-resource access

  • Fully managed by OCLC, connects users to e-resources with single sign-on credentials, and can be configured to manage access rights

Maintains privacy and security

  • Protects user privacy by default, retains library control of user data workflows, and uses robust security rules to mitigate data breaches

Meets IT system requirements

  • Works with most identity management systems and authentication schemes, including LDAP, SIP, CAS, SAML, and Shibboleth

Informs management decisions

  • Includes monthly reports and access to log files with usage insights; EZproxy Analytics provides more advanced analytics capabilities

All features

  • Single sign-on connection to e-resources
  • Ability to configure access rights and permissions
  • Support for nearly all content providers
  • Protection of user privacy by default
  • Library control of proxy server and user data
  • Rules that automatically identify and disable compromised credentials
  • Administrative site for managing rules and compromised credentials
  • Connection to most identity management systems
  • Support for authentication like LDAP, SIP, CAS, SAML, and Shibboleth
  • Automatic OCLC management of all database stanza updates
  • OCLC management of all software, hardware, and updates
  • OCLC purchase and renewal of SSL certificates
  • OCLC responsibility for your implementation
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring for continuous access
  • Access to rich e-resource usage data in log files
  • Monthly reports with insights into database usage
  • Ability to customize user interface branding, including login pages
  • Option to use self-service tool for configuration updates (Americas only)

EZproxy Analytics

Everything in EZproxy, plus a turnkey service that manages, enriches, and visualizes EZproxy data, making it easy to understand and communicate e-resource ROI.

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Manages and enriches data

  • Automatically manages and enriches EZproxy data to save staff time, provide timely insights, and supplement COUNTER reports

Includes out-of-the-box insights

  • Includes an extensive set of out-of-the-box insights that can inform collection management and security decisions

Offers powerful visualization tools

  • Ability to create custom reports and easily search or filter data; can also recommend visualizations based on data and goals

Makes sharing insights easy

  • Reports can be exported as CSV files or shared as permalinks, PDFs, or PNGs; they are also embeddable and mobile responsive

All features

  • Built-in data management and enrichment
  • Automatic data loads every 24 hours for up-to-date insights
  • Set of out-of-the-box reports on collection management and security
  • Ability to create custom reports and visualizations
  • Provides data exploration tools and visualization recommendations
  • Ability to search and filter data
  • Ability to export reports as CSV files
  • Ability to share reports as permalinks, PDFs, or PNGs
  • Ability to embed reports

Frequently asked questions

Where is EZproxy Analytics available?

EZproxy Analytics is available to EZproxy hosted customers everywhere.

Is EZproxy Analytics priced separately?

Yes. EZproxy Analytics is an additional subscription for EZproxy hosted customers.

Does EZproxy Analytics work with users on and off campus?

Yes. EZproxy Analytics reflects access events that take place via the EZproxy server. EZproxy provides several options for capturing both on and off campus usage.

Can EZproxy Analytics provide statistics based on user type?

Yes. OCLC will work with you during implementation to make sure you have the appropriate user groups defined in EZproxy to capture this usage.

Is EZproxy available for content providers?

Yes. Content providers can test their platform environment with an EZproxy test and support license. Contact busdev@oclc.org for more information or to request a quote and visit our partner page to learn about other content partner solutions.

EZproxy Analytics is only available for libraries.

Grant trouble-free access to all your library’s e-resources

Photo of Harper Adams University library interior Photo courtesy of Harper Adams University

By implementing EZproxy hosted, Harper Adams University was able to offer a single sign-in solution for its users, leading to fewer sign-in problems. Library users now use a familiar sign-in process and are able to access the e-resources they want whenever they want them, whether they're on campus or not.

"Hosted EZproxy is such an easy system to set up, configure and use."

Curwen Thomas
Systems Librarian, Harper Adams University

Read Harper Adams University Library's story »

Find out more about EZproxy and EZproxy Analytics

EZproxy allows your library to deliver e-content to users simply and securely no matter where or when they’re searching. EZproxy facilitates a single sign-on to e-content using your institution’s preferred authentication method, such as SAML or LDAP, while protecting user privacy and keeping usage data under library control.

Service availability

  • Available everywhere (features differ by locale)

Download the EZproxy brochure

Download the EZproxy brochure
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