The OCLC Research Library Partnership

Connecting you to a shared future.

Cooperative innovation that makes your library more valuable, operating processes more efficient, and shapes new distinctive services.

For libraries and other research institutions who want to invest money and staff in collaboratively designing their future services, the OCLC Research Library Partnership is a global alliance of like-minded institutions that focuses on making operational processes more efficient and shaping new scholarly services by directly engaging senior managers. The OCLC Research Library Partnership is supported by the full capacities of OCLC Research, informed by an international, system-wide perspective and connected to the broad array of OCLC products and services.

Below is a sample of some of the activities, current and past, that have been supported by the OCLC Research Library Partnership:

An Increasing Role for Libraries in Research Information Management

OCLC Research recognizes the growing importance of Research Information Management (RIM) to research libraries, and is conducting research on behalf of the library community in order to better understand library roles and institutional needs in this rapidly changing ecosystem.

Cloud Library: Cloud-sourcing Shared Research Collections

This work modeled requirements for increased institutional reliance on shared print and digital repositories, based on a case study of a single consumer institution and two representative print and digital suppliers. It offered recommendations for broader adoption of interdependent collection management regimes in the cloud.

Define Policy and Infrastructure Requirements for Building and Managing Shared Print Collections

This work characterized the generic business requirements for managing physical research library collections as a shared network resource.

Demystifying Born Digital

This project focuses on enhancing the effective management of born-digital materials as they intersect with special collections and archives practices in research libraries.

Interlibrary Loan Cost Calculator

OCLC Research, in collaboration with staff from OCLC Research Library Partnership institutions, is creating a Web based tool that will allow library administrators and practitioners to better understand the costs of sharing collections. This work is part of a suite of OCLC Research activities aimed at Understanding the System-wide Library.

Multilingual Bibliographic Structure

This activity is designed to leverage the multilingual content of WorldCat® so that bibliographic information can be presented in the preferred language and script of the user.

Role of Libraries in Data Curation

An investigation into ways that libraries can support researchers' data needs and institutional needs for dataset curation.

SHARES Program

SHARES is a membership-wide program of expedited, cost-saving interlibrary lending that also develops innovative new methods to improve collections sharing.

Terms of Use and Reuse for Finding Aid Metadata

The purpose of this project is to promote a culture of sharing finding aid metadata. The project will provide recommendations on how to state the terms of use and re-use for finding aid metadata, leveraging good precedents.

Events and webinars

OCLC Research sponsors and shapes events specifically for the OCLC Research Library Partnership. Some recent examples:


Stay connected

A number of subscription e-mail and discussion lists have been developed for staff at OCLC Research Library Partnership institutions to support continuing conversations about our work, share updates and solicit volunteers for new activities.