The OCLC Research Library Partnership

Connecting you to a shared future.

Cooperative innovation that makes your library more valuable, operating processes more efficient, and shapes new distinctive services.

Becoming an OCLC Research Library Partner

OCLC Research Library Partnership institutions are a cross-section of not-for-profit memory institutions with an educational, cultural or research mission. As a partner you can take advantage of the combined expertise and experience of staff and partner institutions. We welcome your interest in joining the OCLC Research Library Partnership.

Partnership requirements

  • Deep and rich collections and information resources, and a mandate to make them accessible now and into the future.
  • A commitment to exploit technology to make these collections accessible for research.
  • Resources that enable contribution to the "commons," without immediate gain.
  • Commitment to collaboration.
  • Capacity to contribute in multiple ways (e.g., collections, metadata/records and generally by sharing expertise and technology infrastructure, helping to set direction for collaboration work, etc.).

Benefits of partnership

  • Active engagement in the collaborative design of our collective future.
  • Participation in applied research, community building, and the prototyping of future systems and services in support of research and learning through libraries, archives, museums and related cultural heritage institutions worldwide.
  • The opportunity to work with similarly motivated institutions to collaboratively address changing architectural, workflow and service issues.
  • Invitations to partners-only working groups that focus on high-priority needs and issues.
  • Invitations to partners-only programs, educational events and symposia.

Opportunities through active participation

  • Working on common interests with colleagues across the world—and across sectors: our membership includes a diverse group of libraries and archives with rich and varied collections.
  • Contributing staff and expertise to the development of new tools and standards.
  • Sharing collections and continuing to build and refine resource-sharing capacities.
  • Improving the management of the cultural and scholarly record.
  • Contributing to the developing practices and economics of research information description.
  • Benefiting from data mining efforts to improve service and inform management of collections.
  • Acquiring new understandings around the role and use of taxonomies.
  • Helping to form community views of best practices in a range of key arenas.

Annual partnership dues, which are based on the size of your organization, allow the OCLC Research Library Partnership to support this collaborative work. See our dues schedule to determine the dues rate for your institution.

Join us!

If your institution would like to join the OCLC Research Library Partnership now, please fill out our Partnership Agreement Form. We will invoice you upon receipt.

Partner Representative responsibilities

When you join the OCLC Research Library Partnership, you'll be asked to name a Partner Representative who will:

  • act as the point person within your institution for matters requiring institution-wide consultation and consensus,
  • foster community awareness of OCLC Research Library Partnership initiatives and benefits,
  • ensure local feedback and guidance to OCLC Research staff, and
  • receive updates about OCLC Research Library Partnership activities—particularly requests for institutional input on community issues and invitations to join in new initiatives.

In addition, your Partner Representative may be notified of opportunities for staff to serve on committees or working groups to further the OCLC Research Library Partnership's collaborative objectives.

See our Partnership Roster for a current list of OCLC Research Library Partner institutions and their designated Partner Representatives.

Please use the Partner Representative Designation Form to change your Partner Representative or to provide updated information about your current Representative.

If you have any questions about the OCLC Research Library Partnership, please contact Partner Relations, at +1-650-287-2133 (voice) or

We look forward to hearing from you.