FAST Outputs


Chan, Lois Mai, Eric Childress, Rebecca J. Dean, Edward T. O'Neill, and Diane Vizine-Goetz. 2001. "A faceted approach to subject data in the Dublin Core metadata record". Journal of Internet Cataloging. 4 (1/2).

Dean, Rebecca. 2003. "FAST: Development of Simplified Headings for Metadata." Paper presented at Authority Control: Definition and International Experiences conference, 10-12 February 2003, Florence (Italy)

English version: Word (.doc: 113K/17pp.); Acrobat (.pdf: 211K/15pp.)

Italian version: Word (.doc: 148K/16pp.); Acrobat (.pdf: 356K/16pp.)

O'Neill, Edward T., Lois Mai Chan, Eric Childress, Rebecca Dean, Lynn M. El-Hoshy, and Diane Vizine-Goetz. 2001. "Form subdivisions their identification and use in LCSH" (.doc: 1.9MB/20pp.). Library Resources & Technical Services (Online). 45 (4). 

Edward T. O'Neill, Eric Childress, Rebecca Dean, Kerre Kammerer, and Diane Vizine-Goetz. FAST: Faceted Application of Subject Terminology  (.pdf: 63K/7pp.). Paper Presented at IFLA Pre-Conference, 14-16 August 2001, Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

Chan, Lois Mai and Edward T. O’Neill. 2010. FAST: Faceted Application of Subject Terminology: Principles and Application. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.

Mixter, Jeffrey, and Eric Childress. 2013. FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) Users Summary and Case Studies. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Research.


Eric Childress and Edward T. O'Neill
FAST Report
(.pptx: 3.9MB/14 slides)
ALA 2013 Annual Conference, 27 June-2 July 2013, Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Eric Childress
FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology): A Vocabulary to Facilitate Faceted Browsing
(.ppt: 7.5MB/35 slides)
School of Information Studies/ University of Ottawa = École des sciences de l'information Université d'Ottawa, 11 March 2010, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

Shannon Hoffman (Brigham Young University)
Looking Deeper into Using FAST: Report on three projects using the FAST Authority File
(.ppt:97K/13 slides)
ALA Annual Conference, 24 June 2006, New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

Arlene G. Taylor (Pittsburgh)
Comparison of Keyword Searching Using FAST vs. Using LCSH
(.ppt:103K/39 slides)
ALA Annual Conference, 24 June 2006, New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

Ed O’Neill and Lois Mai Chan (Kentucky)
FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology): a simplified LCSH-based vocabulary.  69th IFLA General Conference and Council, August 1, 2003, Berlin, Germany.  (Translations available in French, German, and Russian)

Ed O'Neill and Lois Mai Chan (Kentucky)
FAST: A Faceted LCSH-Based Subject Vocabulary
(.ppt:2.0MB/35 slides)
ALA Annual Conference, 24 June 2006, New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

Ed O'Neill and Lois Mai Chan (Kentucky)
LITA/ACIG Presentation at ALA Annual 2004
(.ppt:499K/31 slides)
27 June 2004, Orlando, Florida (USA)

Edward T. O'Neill
ASIST Presentation
(.ppt:773K/17 slides)
21 November 2002, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

Ed O'Neill
Joint Conference on Digital Libraries Presentation
(.ppt:9.1MB/29 slides)
28 June 2001, Roanoke, Virginia (USA)


An ALCTS e-Forum held on 11 December 2013 explored the the possible uses of FAST for Cataloging and Discovery and how it could be implemented in libraries. FAST team members were available to discuss and answer questions about FAST.

Team Members

  • Vasanthkarthick Arunachalam
  • Bryan Baldus
  • Rebecca Dean
  • Shanna Griffith
  • Michael Phillips
  • Russell Schelby
  • Cynthia Whitacre

Former Team Members

  • Rick Bennett
  • Robert Bremer
  • Eric Childress
  • Kay Clopton
  • Kerre Kammerer
  • Edward T. O'Neill
  • Jeff Mixter
  • Lois Mai Chan (University of Kentucky)
  • Chris Stanton
  • Diane Vizine-Goetz


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