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Released in November 2011, a redesigned user interface simplifies the process of heading selection, in a design that combines search box, brief results list, and full view of a selected record on a single page. Several indexes and the ability to restrict the result to a desired FAST facet increase searching accuracy. The default result ranking is by usage, giving the most likely candidate heading near the top of the result, although alphabetic and facet order options are easily available. An autosuggest makes the selection process even easier.


A web interface for FAST Subject selection, assignFAST explores automating the manual selection of the Authorized and Use For headings based on autosuggest technology.

FAST as linked data

FAST is available as linked data, which is an approach to publishing data which enhances the utility of information on the web by making references to persons, places, things, etc. more consistent and linkable across domains. FAST Linked Data is made available under the Open Data Commons Attribution Licence. It is also available for download under this license at

FAST Converter

The FAST Converter is a web interface for the conversion of LCSH headings to FAST headings.

Past Projects


mapFAST was a Google Maps mashup prototype designed to provide map based access to bibliographic records using FAST geographic and event authorities. Also available in Mobile versions.  This project has been discontinued.

Team Members

  • Vasanthkarthick Arunachalam
  • Bryan Baldus
  • Rebecca Dean
  • Shanna Griffith
  • Michael Phillips
  • Russell Schelby
  • Cynthia Whitacre

Former Team Members

  • Rick Bennett
  • Robert Bremer
  • Eric Childress
  • Kay Clopton
  • Kerre Kammerer
  • Edward T. O'Neill
  • Jeff Mixter
  • Lois Mai Chan (University of Kentucky)
  • Chris Stanton
  • Diane Vizine-Goetz


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