Article Exchange API

A write web service for cloud-based document delivery. Provides developer level access to the Article Exchange document-sharing site. Article Exchange provides a single, secure location where lending libraries can place requested documents and the borrowing library can retrieve articles or book chapters the library user requested via interlibrary loan. This url can be used to retrieve a document from the web service

  • Status: Production
  • Sandbox access: Yes

What you get

A protected cloud-based file system to place the files ILL transactions. The web services enables a machine interface to

  • Upload files on behalf of ILL software and systems
  • Mediating the download of files on behalf of patrons

Who can use it

  • Libraries with a WorldShare ILL subscription
  • Libraries that license the ILLiad software

Authentication & Authorization

The Article Exchange API supports the WSKey HMAC Signature pattern.

API requests also require attribution to a user.