WMS Acquisitions API

A read-write Web service for the Acquisitions module of OCLC WorldShare Management Services so library staff can create, update, delete and submit orders and get invoices for materials they’d like to acquire. Provides developer-level access to order, invoice, budget and funding data.

  • Status: Production
  • Sandbox access: Yes

What you get

You can get information about orders and invoices, including:

  • Order data: Vendor, account numbers, internal and external identifiers, and comments
  • Order item data: WorldCat resource, price, discount, shipping/service charges, tax, and notes
  • Copy-level data: Branch/shelving location of items, fund information
  • Invoice data: vendor information, vendor invoice number, notes, invoice total
  • Invoice item information: specifics on items such as quantity, price, shipping
  • Budgets: start and end date, status, and the funds which are associated
  • Funds: subfunds, amount budgeted, encumbered and paid

Who can use it

Access is available for libraries that use OCLC's WorldShare Management Systems.

Commercial partnerships are also available.