The Realities of Research Data Management

The Realities of Research Data Management is a four-part series that explores how research universities are addressing the challenge of managing research data throughout the research lifecycle. In this series, we examine the context, influences, and choices higher education institutions face in building or acquiring RDM capacity—in other words, the infrastructure, services, and other resources needed to support emerging data management practices. Our findings are based on case studies of four institutions: University of Edinburgh (UK), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US), Monash University (Australia) and Wageningen University & Research (the Netherlands), in four very different national contexts.

Webinar Recordings

Policy Realities in Research Data Management

In this webinar presentation, focus is given to how two research universities are developing RDM policies for accession, use and preservation, as well as how they provide support for academic policies such as DMP requirements for doctoral students.

Part One: Understanding Institutional Research Data Management (RDM) Services

This webinar led by Brian Lavoie will help with understanding RDM needs and requirements at local institutions, and identifying your current offerings.

Part Two: Identifying and Acting on Incentives when Planning RDM Services

Rebecca Bryant and Ixchel M. Faniel explore the factors influencing the development of RDM services, including the examination of local and external incentives.

Part Three: Acquiring RDM Services for Your Institution

In this final part of the series, Rebecca Bryant and Brian Lavoie cover sourcing RDM services—do you build or buy?—and talk about strategies for developing a local RDM solution that fits local needs.

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University Service Profiles

The service profiles presented here were reviewed and confirmed by staff at Edinburgh University, Monash University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Wageningen University & Research. The profiles are descriptive inventories, with brief observations about the scope, organization and staffing of RDM services in these universities, prefaced with some remarks about the national context in which university RDM offer is embedded. The compilation of profiles is published by OCLC Research as supplementary, supporting material for The Realities of Research Data Management report series.

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Project staff

Rebecca Bryant
Senior Program Officer

Brian Lavoie
Senior Research Scientist

Constance Malpas
Strategic Intelligence Manager & Research Scientist

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