ARL Research Library Leadership Fellows OCLC Visit

October 30 through November 1, 2007

This three-day program was designed to open a dialogue between the 2007-08 ARL Research Library Leadership Fellows, emerging leaders of the North American research library community, and the senior leadership of OCLC. Key issues facing research library directors in the next 3-5 years were identified and agreed between RLG Programs staff and ARL Fellows in advance of the program. Discussions throughout the event were enlivened by insights, experiences, capabilities, and aspirations shared by visitors and hosts alike.

We look forward to continuing the conversations begun at this event and to sustaining a mutual commitment to understanding our common future.


Tuesday, October 30

Time Event

6:30 p.m.

Dinner Session with Joe Branin, Director of Libraries, The Ohio State University, on managing a research library in prolonged, temporary space.

Location: The Ohio State University Faculty Club (Grand Lounge)

Wednesday, October 31

Time Event

President's Welcome
Jay Jordan, President and CEO, OCLC

Presentation file (.pdf: 7.7 MB/20 pp.).


OCLC as a Global Enterprise
James Michalko, Vice President, RLG Programs

OCLC is a global enterprise with offices on three continents and members worldwide. Michalko described OCLC's strategic directions and presented plans for rationalizing the wide array of products and services now offered across the enterprise.

30 minute presentation followed by a 60 minute discussion led by George Needham, Vice President, Member Services, OCLC

Presentation file (.pdf: 1.8 MB/29 pp.).


Sharing, Privacy and Trust in our Networked World
Cathy De Rosa, Vice President for the Americas and Global VP of Marketing, OCLC

The most recent OCLC membership report explores the web of social participation and cooperation on the Internet and how it may impact the library's role in the public sphere.

30 minute presentation followed by a 30 minute discussion

Presentation file (.pdf: 1.2 MB/71 pp.).


eContent Synchronization
Chip Nilges, Vice President, Business Development, OCLC

WorldCat, and WorldCat Local are changing the ecology of library information access. Opportunities to support research libraries and their end-users are many; choosing among those opportunities is a challenge; positioning OCLC and its members in the global landscape is an imperative.

30 minute presentation followed by a 60 minute discussion

Presentation file (.pdf: 1.4 MB/21 pp.).


Future of Cultural Heritage Institutions
James Michalko, Vice President, RLG Programs

This is a time of unusual uncertainty and significant disruption for research libraries, archives, and museums. Basic services are being challenged by large information hubs; institutional constituencies are increasingly satisfying their information needs by other means. A critical part of the institutional response must be via renewed, revivified collaborative action.

30 minute presentation followed by a 60 minute discussion

Presentation file (.pdf: 2 MB/49 pp.).


Supporting Libraries through Research
Thom Hickey, Chief Scientist, OCLC Research

OCLC's Research staff investigate trends in technology and library practice to identify technological advances that will enhance the value of library services and improve the productivity of librarians and library users.

30 minute presentation followed by a 30 minute discussion

Presentation file (.pdf: .6 MB/17 pp.).

5:30 Reception and Dinner (Kilgour Atrium)


Thursday, November 1

Time Event

Managing the Collective Collection
Constance Malpas, Program Officer, RLG Programs

RLG Programs is working with its partners to understand, prepare for, and help advance libraries, archives, and museums in more profoundly cooperative models of acquiring, managing, and disclosing collections.

20 minute presentation followed by a 40 minute discussion

Presentation file (.pdf: .3 MB/16 pp.).


Renovating Descriptive Practices
Karen Calhoun, Vice President, WorldCat and Metadata Services

Global demand for rethinking descriptive practices has never been greater. OCLC is developing new strategies for supporting the need for metadata in libraries, archives, and museums.

20 minute presentation followed by a 40 minute discussion

Presentation file (.pdf: 1.1 MB/32 pp.).


Digital Collections, Repositories, and Archives
Greg Zick, Vice President, Digital Collection Services

OCLC's product and services array includes a number of tools that support institutional decisions to digitize, provide access to and archive valued content.

20 minute discussion followed by a 40 minute discussion

Presentation file (.pdf: 4.1 MB/45 pp.).


OCLC Direction and the Environment
Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President, Programs and Research, and Chief Strategist, OCLC

Increasingly, we want to represent library resources in a variety of other workflows. Libraries need to focus more attention on reconfiguring library services for network environments.

20 minute presentation followed by a 40 minute discussion

Presentation file (.pdf: 1.2 MB/24 pp.).


Supporting New Modes of Scholarship
Lisa Carter, ARL RLL Fellow and Head, Special Collections, North Carolina State University

Research libraries, consortia, and service support organizations are working globally to reach a collective understanding of their responsibilities and opportunities in a changed infrastructure for research, teaching, and learning.

20 minute presentation followed by a 40 minute discussion

Presentation file (.pdf: .2 MB/23 pp.).


Priorities for the Future of the Global Research Library

ARL Fellows have participated in a variety of visits, institutes, conferences, and strategic conversations over the past several months. This was their opportunity--in the context of the discussions over the past two days- to guide OCLC in how best to support the future research library through a strategic array of programs, research, products, and services.

60 minute brainstorming session led by James Michalko, Vice President, RLG Programs

4:30 Wrap Up


ARL Research Library Group Fellows in Attendance

Name Title Institution
Kristin Antelman Associate Director for the Digital Library North Carolina State University
Kenning Alitsch Associate Director for Administrative and IT Services University of Utah
Christine Avery Head, University College Libraries, and
Collection Development Coordinator for Commonwealth Campus Libraries
Pennsylvania State University
Jonathan Bengston Chief Librarian University of St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto
Nichole Bouche Pacific Northwest Curator, Special Collections University of Washington
Lisa Carter Head, Special Collections North Carolina State University
Robin Chandler Director, Data Acquisitions California Digital Library
Patrick Jose Dawson Associate University Librarian for Information and Research Services University of California, Santa Barbara
Krisellen Maloney Associate University Librarian for Digital Services and Technology Planning Georgetown University
Mary Ann Mavrinac Chief Librarian University of Toronto at Mississauga
Kate Oliver Associate Director for Information Services Research, Development and Communication Welch Medical Library, Johns Hopkins University
Tracey Robinson Head, Office for Information Systems Harvard University
Nan Seamans Associate University Librarian for Public Services Duke University
Martha Whitehead Associate University Librarian Queen's University
Marilyn Wood Associate Librarian of Harvard College for Collection Management Harvard University
Peter Zhou Assistant University Librarian and Director of C.V. Starr East Asian Library University of California, Berkeley

OCLC Staff

Karen Calhoun Vice President, WorldCat and Metadata Services
Lorcan Dempsey Vice President, Programs and Research and Chief Strategist
Nancy Elkington Director, Partner Relations, RLG Programs
Thom Hickey Chief Scientist, OCLC Research
Jay Jordan President and CEO
Constance Malpas Program Officer, OCLC Programs and Research
James Michalko Vice President, RLG Programs
George Needham Vice President, Member Services
Chip Nilges Vice President, Business Development
Cathy De Rosa Vice President for the Americas and Global VP of Marketing
Greg Zick Vice President, Digital Collection Services