Digital Visitors and Residents: What Motivates Engagement with the Digital Information Environment?

Digital Visitors and Residents Mapping App

Find out where you (and your users) fall on the Visitors and Residents spectrum with the Digital Visitors and Residents Mapping App. V&R mapping sessions can be an enjoyable exercise for participants, and the resulting maps are often artistically inspired and full of interesting findings. To help with mapping exercises, we developed a mapping app.

The Digital Visitors and Residents Mapping App works with most touchscreen devices such as tablets, phones, and most web browsers. To get started with the app, the three-minute instructional video below or the instructional comic book for comprehensive directions.

Team Members

Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D.

David White

Donna M. Lanclos, Ph.D.

Jeremy Browning

Alison Le Cornu

Erin Hood

Project Lead

Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D., Director of Library Trends and User Research, OCLC