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OCLC Symposium: Millennials in Transition

Featured event on Friday, June 26

They're 15–35 years old and have never known a world without technology and the Internet. How are they facing life's challenges and what do they expect of libraries? Join Kim Lear, from generational think tank BridgeWorks, for a keynote presentation followed by a panel discussion.

Libraries are about people, community and learning.
And OCLC is about libraries.

NPR’s Book Concierge tool

Help magnify the impact of all libraries

NPR’s Book Concierge tool, where users can browse and sort through the year’s most recommended books, is one of the most popular on its site. One member librarian noticed that the tool offered links to find each book in bookstores but not libraries. She started a conversation with an NPR Web Developer on social media and provided the right tools, and NPR posted a Find at Your Library link on each book within a day.

Learn more about NPR's Book Concierge tool

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