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Undoubtedly, schools face increasing pressure to deliver more services with fewer financial and staffing resources. Give your school an opportunity to thrive in the modern information environment by leaning on the cooperative knowledge and shared resources of thousands of libraries all over the world.

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Share your unique digital collections with your community or the world

Students, alumni, parents and teachers want to access student artwork, videos of school concerts, yearbooks, sports day photos and other special collections that your library maintains. Help them find your school's recent and historical material through your website. Easily share your unique materials online with open or limited access and reporting tools to show you exactly how people are using your collection.

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Help students browse to find the books they need

Organize your collection by topic so students can browse and find resources that help them get to even better learning outcomes. With an established and constantly evolving classification system, you can be sure that you'll have space for new and emerging topics while maintaining the basic framework that library users all over the world already know.

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Simplify student access to electronic materials

Make sure your students can access the e-resources you provide for them with a single sign-on from your library system. Deliver secure online access with students' existing library credentials without needing any additional hardware or technical support resources through a hosted service.

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Connect your students to your library and the world's library collections

Students are used to conducting simple online searches that return a wide variety of information. Help students discover a broader range of library resources, such as print material, e-books and online databases, from a single search.

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Get new resources out to your students quickly

When you have to juggle teaching and library duties, it's hard to keep up with other library tasks. And you can't always make resources available quickly when you're waiting for cataloging records from third-party suppliers or publishers. With a library management system that relies on data from the world's largest cooperatively maintained library database, you can copy catalog most of your items, making them available for circulation faster and allowing you to spend more time providing more services to students.

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Flip your library to serve flipped classrooms

Provide the practical tools that your students need to engage with flipped classroom learning activities in a library setting. Give them a discovery tool to access the information they need, curate their own reading lists, review and tag items and share what they're learning through social media, blogs and your school's intranet. Because the system is online, students can do these activities outside the library, and you no longer have to keep up with the new and emerging technologies they're used to. That gives you more time in the library to creatively engage with your students.

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Get everything you need to manage your library in one place

Save time and money by managing your circulation, acquisition, cataloging, interlibrary loan and discovery tasks through a single, cloud-based interface. Included features—such as cover art, SIP2 compliance, "View Now" linking functionality, A-to-Z lists and a mobile-ready interface—ensure that you can provide students with all of the services required for a modern library experience. Receiving all these services from a cloud-based system allows you save time by sharing workloads with other libraries and to save money by eliminating the need for additional IT administrative overheads.

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