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    Transforming Metadata into Linked Data to Improve Digital Collection Discoverability: A CONTENTdm Pilot Project

    21 January 2021

    Greta Bahnemann, Michael Carroll, Paul Clough, Mario Einaudi, Chatham Ewing, Jeff Mixter, Jason Roy, Holly Tomren, Bruce Washburn, Elliot Williams

    This report shares the CONTENTdm Linked Data Pilot project findings. In this pilot project, OCLC and five partner institutions investigated methods for—and the feasibility of—transforming metadata into linked data to improve the discoverability and management of digitized cultural materials.

    Archives and Special Collections Linked Data: Navigating between Notes and Nodes

    21 July 2020

    OCLC Research Archives and Special Collections Linked Data Review Group

    This publication shares the findings from the Archives and Special Collections Linked Data Review Group, which explored key areas of concern and opportunities for archives and special collections in transitioning to a linked data environment.

    Utilisation des données liées dans les bibliothèques : de la désillusion à la productivité

    9 July 2020

    Andrew K. Pace

    OCLC has been researching the use of linked data within libraries for more than a decade. It is sometimes difficult to know exactly where the value of linked data lies and what benefits we can derive from it. It is wise, therefore, to consider their usefulness from the point of view of library staff. What does "linked data productivity" mean? What would cataloging linked data change for library staff and end users? This article responds to these questions and provides some perspective on the linked data landscape for libraries. 

    Exploring Models for Shared Identity Management at a Global Scale: The Work of the PCC Task Group on Identity Management in NACO

    9 December 2019

    Erin Stalberg, John Riemer, Andrew MacEwan, Jennifer A. Liss, Violeta Ilik, Stephen Hearn, Jean Godby, Paul Frank, Michelle Durocher, Amber Billey

    This paper discusses the efforts of the PCC Task Group on Identity Management in NACO to explore and advance identity management activities.

    Creating Library Linked Data with Wikibase: Lessons Learned from Project Passage

    5 August 2019

    Jean Godby, Karen Smith-Yoshimura, Bruce Washburn, Kalan Knudson Davis, Karen Detling, Christine Fernsebner Eslao, Steven Folsom, Xiaoli Li, Marc McGee, Karen Miller, Honor Moody, Craig Thomas, Holly Tomren

    “Project Passage” is an OCLC Research Wikibase prototype that explores using linked data in library cataloging workflows. The report overviews the prototype’s development, its adaptation for library use, and eight librarians’ experiences with the editing interface to create metadata for resources.

    ARL White Paper on Wikidata: Opportunities and Recommendations

    18 April 2019

    ARL Task Force on Wikimedia and Linked Open Data

    This Association of Research Libraries white paper informs librarians about GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) activity in Wikidata to suggest strategies for research library use, particularly in community-based collections, community-owned infrastructure, and collective collections.

    Analysis of 2018 International Linked Data Survey for Implementers

    8 November 2018

    Karen Smith-Yoshimura

    Using the 2018 International Linked Data Survey results, this article overviews the linked data projects or services implemented by institutions, what data they publish or consume, why they implemented linked data, challenges faced, and advice for institutions considering a linked data project or service.

    National Strategy for Shareable Local Name Authorities National Forum: a White Paper

    29 March 2018

    Michele Casalini, Chiat Naun Chew, Chad Cluff, Michelle Durocher, Steven Folsom, Paul Frank, Janifer Gatenby, Jean Godby, Jason Kovari, Nancy Lorimer, Clifford Lynch, Peter Murray, Jeremy Myntti, Anna Neatrour, Cory Nimer, Suzanne Pilsk, Daniel Pitti, Isabel Quintana, Jing Wang, Simeon Warner

    SLNA-NF outlines key challenges in facilitating the data sharing of local name authorities. This white paper considers ways to modernize the practice of library authority control to make authorities more shareable.

    From Records to Things: Managing the Transition from Legacy Library Metadata to Linked Data

    1 January 2017

    Carol Jean Godby, Karen Smith-Yoshimura

    To maximize the value of linked data using library content, important entities and relationships must be defined and made available, codings that are machine understandable must be adapted for linked data purposes, and persistent identifiers must be substituted for text. 

    Mining MARC's Hidden Treasures: Initial Investigations Into How Notes of the Past Might Shape Our Future

    16 December 2016

    Jay Weitz, Jenny Toves, Diane Vizine-goetz, Nannette Naught, Robert Bremer

    Finding, interpreting, and manipulating the rich trove of data already present in MARC bibliographic records to produce systematized forms is an invaluable step in moving MARC toward a post-MARC, Linked Data future. Name access points, especially those fields in a controlled form, are the obvious place to find relationship information, but bibliographic notes and statements of responsibility are relatively overlooked sources of that information, waiting to be parsed and used. The Online Computer Library Center has been investigating means by which to find names and their associated role phrases, to match those names to authorized forms, and to match role terms and phrases to controlled vocabularies.