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Quarterly news and project updates from around the OCLC Membership and Research Division.

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Archived Newsletters

Above the Fold

Above the Fold was an electronic publication that sought to bring attention to items of interest from beyond our normal reading sphere.

Above The Fold Archive

OCLC Research Quarterly Highlights

OCLC Research Quarterly Highlights was a periodic roundup of news, events, publications, prototypes, and other activities of OCLC Research, the OCLC Innovation Lab, and the OCLC Research Library Partnership.

This publication served a broad online readership and consisted mainly of selected content from the previous quarter, with pointers to original items on the OCLC Research website.

OCLC Research Quarterly Highlights ceased publication in July 2014.
ISSN: 2163-8675
OCLC: 754109685

Quarterly Hightlights Archive

RLG DigiNews

A bimonthly Web newsletter of reports on evolving practices and technology for digitizing materials and digital preservation of research collections, as well as in-depth coverage of notable projects in the field.

The newsletter was conceived by the RLG preservation community. It was produced by staff in the Department of Research, Cornell University Library, in consultation with RLG and, later, the RLG Programs unit of OCLC Programs & Research. With the exception of Volume 1 (1997) it was published six times a year.

RLG DigiNews ceased publication after the April 15, 2007 issue (Vol. 11, no. 1).
ISSN: 1093-5371

Access the RLG DigiNews Archive

RLG Focus

A bimonthly electronic newsletter for users of RLG's information resources and services.

A printed version of RLG Focus was published from 1993-2001.

RLG Focus ceased publication after Issue 80 (June, 2006).

Access the RLG Focus Archive

RLG News

RLG News was a full-color news magazine featuring current RLG news, events, programs, and services.

RLG News ceased publication after the Spring 2006 issue.

RLG News Adrchive

RLG TopShelf

Every month, this e-mail newsletter kept RLG users updated with all the latest news from RLG. Designed especially for RLG members, it provided the inside scoop on important new member projects and working groups.

TopShelf ceased publication after the April 2006 issue.

RLG TopShelf Archive