Hanging Together

The blog for OCLC Research staff to share more about their in-progress work and issues in the library, archive and museum fields.


Published by OCLC, Next provides insight and information about the work being done by libraries worldwide.

Lorcan Dempsey’s Blog

A look at libraries, services and networks from Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President of the OCLC Membership and Research division and OCLC Chief Strategist.

Hectic Pace

Andrew K. Pace, Executive Director for Technical Research, covers library systems and the state of library automation.


OCLC Research Updates

Quarterly news and project updates from around the OCLC Membership and Research Division.

October–December 2018 (PDF)

June–September 2018 (PDF)

March–May 2018 (PDF)

January–February 2018 (PDF)

October–December 2017 (PDF)


YouTube Videos

The OCLC Research YouTube Channel includes videos featuring project updates as well as OCLC Research Library Partnership Works in Progress webinars.


OCLC Library Landscape Analysis

U.S. Library Consortia: Priorities & Perspectives

Libraries in Germany: Priorities & Perspectives

Libraries in the Netherlands: Priorities & Perspectives

Libraries in the UK: Priorities & Perspectives

Libraries in the U.S.: Priorities & Perspectives

How Canadian Public Libraries Stack Up

How Libraries Stack Up: 2010


Archived Newsletters and Blogs

Above the Fold

A periodic current awareness newsletter for the changing world of libraries, archives and museums.


Library metadata techniques and trends by Thom Hickey

OCLC Research Quarterly Highlights

A quarterly roundup of news, events, publications, prototypes, and other activities of OCLC Research.

RLG DigiNews

A bimonthly Web newsletter of reports on evolving practices and technology for digitizing materials and digital preservation of research collections, as well as in-depth coverage of notable projects in the field.

RLG Focus

A bimonthly electronic newsletter for users of RLG's information resources and services.

RLG News

A full-color news magazine featuring RLG news, events, programs, and services.

RLG TopShelf

A monthly email of news from RLG, including new member projects and working groups.