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  • 2022 (2)


    Speaking on the Record: Combining Interviews with Search Log Analysis in User Research

    6 April 2022

    Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Brittany Brannon, Christopher Cyr, Peggy Gallagher

    This paper reports on a novel sequential mixed methods approach combining search logs and semi-structured individual interviews to study user search behavior within a library discovery system.

    How real is real enough? Participant feedback on a behavioral simulation used for information-seeking behavior research

    12 January 2022

    This paper assesses the realism of a behavioral simulation used to study the evaluation behavior of 175 students from fourth grade through graduate school. We assess realism through the examination of targeted participant feedback about what would have made the simulated environment and tasks more realistic to these participants. Based on this feedback, we reflect on decisions made in designing the simulation and offer recommendations for future studies interested in incorporating behavioral simulation in their research design.