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Research Library Partnership: Research Data Management Interest Group

The OCLC Research Library Partnership invites members to engage in a Research Data Management (RDM) Interest Group, offered in conjunction with the three-part webinar series The Realities of Research Data Management. RDM is an important and timely topic for many RLP members. Our goal is to mobilize a network of Partners with a shared interest in RDM. The interest group will help participants explore and exchange information on RDM-related topics with peers and OCLC researchers.

What is the RDM group?

  • The RDM Interest Group is an opportunity for RLP members to engage directly with OCLC Research and other RLP member institutions worldwide.
  • Interest group members will participate in once-a-month WebEx calls (in multiple time zones).
  • An accompanying listserv will further enable participants to share practices, ask and answer questions, and engage together between meetings.

Why should I attend?

  • Our goal is to provide a forum for RLP institutions to engage directly with OCLC Research and with each other, using the RDM frameworks offered in The Realities of Research Data Management report series to explore local conditions, understand practices of other research institutions, and plan service offerings.
  • Interest group discussions will be based upon the three-part webinar series (details below). Expected topics of discussion include:

Part 1: Understanding RDM needs and requirements at local institutions, and identifying your current offerings
Part 2: Exploring the factors influencing the development of RDM services, including the examination of local and external incentives
Part 3: Sourcing RDM services: do you build or buy? We will also talk about strategies for developing a local RDM solution that fits local needs. 

  • In turn, this offers OCLC researchers an opportunity to learn from librarians and other RDM practitioners, which helps inform future research and programming.

When is it?

  • This opportunity will take place October through December 2018, with the potential for continuing member engagement. 
  • Following registration, we will arrange one Webex call per month, following webinar sessions, in multiple time zones.

Who should attend?

How do I sign up?

  1. Register and participate in the RDM interest group. We request that you sign up by 2 October.
  2. Register and attend the three-part webinar series on The Realities of Research Data Management.
  3. That’s it for now! We will follow up with you to schedule interest group meetings and enroll you in the listserv.

Learning guides

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