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Research Library Partnership: Library Assessment Interest Group

This interest group accompanies and extends a three-part Webinar Series: Evaluating and Sharing Your Library's Impact, with sessions being conducted in April, July, and October 2018. Participants will:

  • attend the webinars or view the recordings on library assessment, and,
  • through the interest group, also build relationships with other librarians engaging in assessment across the partnership, digging into core concepts, enhancing their skills, and working together to share and compare evaluation activities for their libraries.

Interest groups sessions will be held in between the webinar sessions, facilitated by RLP Program officers Merrilee Proffitt and Rebecca Bryant. Participants will take part in additional exercises, engage in discussion with fellow interest group participants, and discuss how concepts presented in the webinars connect to practical applications at your home institution. Participants can also sustain conversation with other RLP members through a dedicated email discussion list.

Space is limited, so we encourage you to sign up soon. Dates for the study groups will be determined based on participants’ availability. For maximum benefit of the interest group/webinar experience, we recommend signing up as institutional teams of at least two. Anyone interested in learning more about library assessment and research should participate, regardless of previous experience; early career librarians are particularly encouraged to join us.

Interested? All you need to do is:

  1. Register and commit to attending the three webinars
    1. User-centered Assessment: Leveraging What You Know and Filling the Gaps 24 April 2018
    2. Digging into Assessment Data: Tips, Tricks, and Tools of the Trade 14 August 2018
    3. Take action: Using and Presenting Research Findings to Make Your Case 3 October 2018
  2. Register and commit to participating in the RLP interest group. We request that you sign up by 23 April in order to facilitate planning. (Registration closed)
  3. That’s it for now! We will follow up with you to schedule interest group meetings

Questions? Contact Rebecca Bryant at