Stewarding the Collective Collection

Data and Tools for Shared Print Workflows


Although there has been growth and maturation in collective collection practices, there is significant work that needs to be done to operationalize and sustain collective collections and maximize their value.

Purpose and Scope

Responding to this need, the Stewarding the Collective Collection: US & Canadian Perspectives on Data and Tools for Shared Print Workflows project is guided by the following research questions:

  • What are the key workflows supporting stewardship of shared print collections?  
  • What data and tools are currently being used to support these workflows?
  • What gaps in data, tools, or other resources exist, and how might addressing these gaps open new opportunities for collective stewardship of print collections?

To investigate these questions, the project team is conducting individual and focus group interviews with leaders and librarians at academic libraries who support their institution's participation in shared print program(s) and with staff of organizations that manage shared print programs. The project will also disseminate an online survey to gather perspectives from active large-scale shared monograph programs to determine whether the interview participants' workflows, data needs, and tools reflect those of the broader shared print community. SCELC is a project partner supporting the recruitment of focus group interviewees and the dissemination of the survey


The findings of this project will inform the exploration of new or re-envisioned models for discovery, delivery, and digitization in the context of shared print. The project team will share research findings through publications, webinars, and presentations.