Collective Collection

A Collective Collection refers to the shared resources of multiple libraries, archives, and museums. Collective Collections can be leveraged to benefit all institutional stakeholders, including researchers, scholars, students, and patrons.

OCLC Research’s Collective Collection work provides evidence and insight to support decision-making into how cultural heritage institutions organize shared collections and services. Through this work, OCLC Research is helping to create a more connected, collaborative landscape for libraries, archives, and museums, with the goal of making collections more accessible, impactful, and cost-efficient.


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The Effects of the Shift to Open on Research Libraries

The Effects of the Shift to Open on Research Libraries

By Titia van der Werf

Gdańsk, Poland

Last year, OCLC surveyed libraries from 82 countries around the world on their open content efforts, investments, and opinions. The majority (72% of 705 respondents) were from research and university libraries. In this session, Titia presents data from the majority group through the lens of Lorcan Dempsey’s collection directions and contextualizes the findings within the broader trend toward more openness. She also shares questions raised by the findings and suggests areas for further exploration.

Topics: Open Access, Collective Collections

EMEA Innovation Survey

EMEA Innovation Survey

By Merrilee Proffitt and Titia van der Werf

Scotland (UK)

Find out the results of a survey conducted by OCLC, in which libraries at 238 research universities in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, France, and Italy, shared intelligence regarding trends, capacities, and priorities within the European research library community.

Topics: Library Trends