With Tipasa, you can:

Enable patrons to place and monitor requests

Enable patrons to place and monitor requests

Gain efficiency in ILL workflows

Gain efficiency in ILL workflows

Deliver documents easily and securely

Deliver documents easily and securely

Save money and consolidate management of ILL fees

Save money and consolidate management of ILL fees

Illustrate value of ILL services

Illustrate value of ILL services

Enable patrons to place and monitor requests

A responsive, library-branded patron interface enables users to place and monitor requests from anywhere with any device. Email or text notifications let them know the moment their request is fulfilled.

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Gain efficiency in ILL workflows

Unmediated requesting with Direct Request lightens your workload by automatically pushing user requests to valid lending libraries based on criteria you set. When one of your preferred lenders supplies an electronic document, your users can receive it without the need for you to review or process the request.

With a cloud-based system, you also don’t have to deal with IT staff for upgrades or maintenance. Tipasa includes a simple yet powerful user interface and a simple configuration and customization interface meaning you have more time to spend on resource sharing tasks.

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Deliver electronic documents easily and securely

Electronic document delivery via Article Exchange lets your users securely access the documents they request as soon as they're available. Limits on the document's availability help you stay within copyright guidelines. Integrations with external services, such as Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy platform and Scannx and BSCAN scanners, further automate request processing and delivery.

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Manage copyright

Copyright management, through a direct link to the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Permissions Gateway, allows easy access to up-to-date, royalty-fee pricing to help with your copyright compliance. (Available only in the United States.)

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Save money and consolidate management of ILL fees

Simplify ILL payments and charges by routing all fees through your regular OCLC invoice. Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM) allows you to easily reconcile all ILL fees on a monthly basis. Free your staff from calculating fees, writing and mailing checks and following up on unpaid invoices. Participating libraries report an average savings of more than $45 USD per request by eliminating invoices and check writing for individual transactions.

Learn more about IFM.

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Illustrate value of ILL services with usage statistics

Through statistics, show your stakeholders how much your users and other libraries rely on your ability to support ILL. Analyze borrowing and lending patterns in your library to refine staffing, workflows, policies and preferences.

Your library can also build custom reports, charts, and data visualizations to satisfy reporting requirements with WorldShare Report Designer, which is included with a Tipasa subscription.  You can help others “see” data and trends so they better understand the information.

Learn more about WorldShare Report Designer

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Connect with the world's libraries

With its foundation in WorldCat, the largest database of information about library collections, Tipasa links to high-quality bibliographic records and holdings information provided by libraries around the world.

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Tipasa, the world’s first cloud-based interlibrary loan management system, allows you to manage a high volume of interlibrary loan requests, automate routine borrowing and lending functions, and provide an enhanced patron experience. You can meet users’ needs without heavy IT support, server management or extensive configuration and training.

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